No Place in Heaven, part 2: Impressions

I feel drunken by the new album after listening to it on repeat for four days. I didn’t want to leave my house during the weekend. I quickly did what I had to do and returned to my magical bubble. Already wrote my first impressions about the album here. I have three kind of thoughts on my mind now.

Firstly, I never expected the album to be this sad. There’s always a dark side in his music but it’s hidden and covered with other elements and I never thought he is this vulnerable or at least that he would this openly show it and I feel both heavy (because of strong emotions) and extremely proud of him. I feel so heavy I’ve actually cried a lot but I’m proud and impressed that he had the courage to do an album like this. I saw him describing the new music joyful but that’s not how it sounds to me. I hear serious songs and I think he is handling some very important issues and that whatever he feels at this moment the path there couldn’t always be easy and joyful.

I’m almost equally impressed by the way he is using his vocal range, giving us a taste of every tone and – for once – letting us properly hear it without covering it too much. I love his voice so much I sometimes listen to him speaking a foreign language for hours but I prefer his singing and now when we finally have new music I can’t get enough of it. It’s filling my brain and heart and soul and every cell in my body like a new drug and I don’t even feel guilty of it. I waited this patiently. I’ve earned this.

Thirdly, I am a bit confused about the way the album was brought out now when it’s all there in front of us. They could have offered people the most fascinating and addictive song Promiseland to wake them up, then continue with powerful Last Party, then satisfy them with best-quality, balanced songs like No Place In Heaven and Good Wife or beautiful ballads like Hurts and Porcelain adding some quirky songs like Oh Girl You Are the Devil or more meaningful themes like in Good Guys. Instead of that they released Talk About You and it just doesn’t make sense to me but I guess they have their reasons and I don’t know much about the music industry any way.

I’ve watched him this year in New York, Tokyo and in Europe and he has this totally new confidence that I haven’t seen before. He looks like he is ready to seduce the world and now I want to see him on stage putting all that confidence on Promiseland. It’s the only song on the album where the tone is telling, not asking and there’s nothing more attractive than knowing what one wants and taking it, not in an arrogant way but because it’s deserved. I just want to see him taking what belongs to him (with this absolutely brilliant album). Trying to follow the album promotion via internet as much as possible. I’m off for holidays later this week and need to wait for my next gig for a few weeks. Be well you all xxx