Good, entertaining and cheerful show in Zurich! The gig in Luxembourg night before with the tiny venue and intimate, special atmosphere was one of my favorite gigs and I’m definitely going to write a small report about it as soon as I have time. Now a quick update about Zurich. The venue was smallish but the stage was still big enough to have the Heaven sign on the background and had some space for Mika and the band to move around during the gig.

Compared to the simple and plain Luxembourg gig Zurich included some entertaining extra details like a muppet coming from the audience during BBB and a confetti rain above the piano, maybe to compensate the lack of the setting, maybe to give an opportunity for Mika to rest his voice in the middle of the set (tight schedule is hard and the gig in Milan tonight day after Zurich huge and important). The vibe in Zurich wasn’t as intimate/special as in Luxembourg but still energetic and good and I enjoyed the gig a lot and had a lot of fun together with the German group feeling myself an adopted German.

About my favorite parts of the gig. He did definitely my favorite version of Promiseland so far and I loved both Mika’s singing and how the band was playing. Same with Love Today and Last Party, was surprised to hear the both that powerfully performed, loved it! Happy Ending with a little acapella ending was absolutely gorgeous even the venue was slightly bigger than night before and one of the highlights of the show was listening to Mika chatting in English, such a rare luxury after XF and The Voice publicity in Italy and France. The band was smiling and in a good mood, nice to watch their working as well. Milan tonight, might post some vids when back home.


Forest National in Brussels was one of the biggest venues of the tour and people were waiting in several lines to get in. Luckily the security opened the doors at the same time and I ended up being one of the first people going in. I was hurrying to get a good spot after my ticket was checked already twice but was suddenly stopped for another check and asked to wait until 15-20 random people had gone in first. However, got in eventually and managed to go front left so no harm was done.

Really couldn’t wait the show to start! I was also looking forward to the supporting act. For this tour Mika has Citizens supporting him and I really like them. We can’t hear them well enough so haven’t heard the lyrics properly but I already recognize their songs and like them. So nice he has a proper supporting band!

Forest National had a big enough stage for the whole new setting so I could see it for the third time. It does look gorgeous! This time there’s no balloons or confetti, just the beautiful stage design. The caravan is extremely clever and I was happy to be in front of it to see it properly and tried to carefully focus on the beginning and No Place On Heaven which was absolutely lovely and made me want to hear more of it.

He has already done some little changes/added new details to some of the songs. This is why I love doing several gigs during the tour, the show evolves during just a few weeks! He started Grace Kelly slowly with Max (I heard he did the same in Amsterdam but wasn’t there to hear it). Relax was different than usually but not totally sure what he was doing with it as it’s such an emotional song for me and makes me in tears whenever I hear it these days.

There’s a new guitarist in the band and I’ve been holding my breath for him. He’s young and been a bit scared but now gotten a permission – or an order – to party as he was more relaxed and had a lot of fun on stage last night. It was adorable! Everything seemed so exciting and new for him! Max did his funny dancing over the stage and joined him and during Love Today Curtis took his guitar as well and ”the boys” played together and it was one of the highlights of the gig for me, I’ve always loved how the band plays Love Today.

Promiseland is like a different song performed live. There’s not the same determination we can hear in the album version but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s just different and also getting better gig after gig. I love the dance part and the audience in Brussels gave it a good response. Boum Boum Boum was entertaining as always and because we were in a French speaking country we heard also L’amour which is actually a very funny song, liking the live version more and more.

The audience was generally good and Mika was in a good mood or at least made things look like that. He is professional that way so I can’t always be sure. The energy felt very real and people were happy and smiling after the show. Afterwards he signed a few things to fans and I was happy I could say a quick thank you to him, that doesn’t happen so often these days. He said he had seen me at the first night. So sweet and a bit embarrassing for me that he could remember. I loved the first show so much I couldn’t help but showing my love and smiling from the beginning to the end of the show.

I’m still happy after seeing the new show three times and could swear the world has colors and shades I somehow couldn’t see before. Fabulous, creative setting and beautiful, addictive new songs. The setlist is long and that way difficult for him to sing night after night so we shouldn’t be disappointed if he has to shorten it. Busy tour schedules are always hard but so far everything looks good. A small photo gallery below. The guy in a couple of pics is the one who designed the set from Studio Job (please correct if I’m wrong, I can’t understand French).


Finally a new Mika Tour! The Heaven Tour started in Rennes on Friday and continued in Paris on Saturday. I have no words to describe how impressed I was in Rennes while watching the show for the first time. I loved every moment, it was definitely one of my very best Mika nights ever. Full of surprises one after another, a totally new setlist with an exciting beginning, a lot of songs from the latest album and a new, massive and colorful stage set built around the “Heaven” theme. Everything was magical.

He started with No Place In Heaven. The stage was dark and first the audience could hear a small intro/medley containing several little references to different songs and themes. Then a huge lighted HEAVEN sign appeared above the stage and Mika started No Place In Heaven in front of the little caravan, hiding mysteriously behind his hat and coat. I almost couldn’t handle the excitement so I couldn’t give the song the attention it deserves but loved how exciting and mysterious the moment was (and so suitable for the theme of course). After that the caravan opened looking like a mechanical miniature theater with a sign PARADISE and Big Girl was done in front of it, Max in the spotlight together with Mika.



Then the show continued being so rich and generous with new songs and details that it’s impossible to describe it all and I don’t think it’s even needed, there will be many more shows and time to go through everything. The new setlist is so long that in the end of the show the audience feels really satisfied and just a little bit melancholic instead of the usual desperate “noooooo don’t take him away from us yet”. Of course we all would like him to continue forever but it’s a full-length, very satisfying show.

The new stage looks fabulous. The signs (Heaven, Paradise) and the giant beautiful gate have an obvious connection to the theme. The colorful background looks some kind of the end of the world situation and is not as easily explained and I need to see it several times to be able to understand everything in it (smoking factories? a giant shark? a submarine?) but the whole stage looks fabulous especially with the amazing light show. My favorite detail was the magical shiny globe in the middle of the stage. It made me think of Rio which we didn’t hear yet (maybe later, who knows). Mika wasn’t wearing a suit but his white outfit with different jackets and I loved especially the stunning embroidered Valentino (?) with beautiful animals in the back.

We heard several songs from the new album and I loved them all. Good Wife was the best and most flawless performance, it’s such a great song. Promiseland was the most thrilling and everyone screamed as soon as they realized it’s coming. It’s not yet the biggest highlight of the show – he still needs to practice it – but it will be. He just needs to keep doing it. Last Party in the end was simply perfect.

He has added a lot of new details to the old songs as well. There’s an exciting guitar intro in the beginning of Love Today! It’s a pity that Tim is not on stage with him anymore. Everyone loves Tim and his charm and kindness… However, I’m sure the new guitarist will do well and Tim seems to be still around at least for a while. Max is as adorable as always! I loved the Roger Rabbit intro for EMD and the dancing with it. Boum Boum Boum is still one of my favorite live songs. I can’t totally explain it but I love how it goes from gentle to another extreme (see it below).

We had the best possible spots in Rennes and I could easily see everything. I was happy like a child in a toy store, my face probably glowing of happiness from the beginning to the end. As a cute detail we saw Mika leaving the Rennes venue with his family. This time he didn’t have a car with black windows. He left in a normal car like normal people do, the girls in the back of the car. The both dogs raised their heads in the window when they passed the crowd. Melachi – already used to everything – seemed to think “oh there’s a crowd”. Amira – still so young – was grinning in excitement “what’s happening, what’s happening, what’s happening”. Cuteness overload. I was so happy for Mika. I mentioned the dogs to my husband as soon as I called him (he loves dogs as much as I do) and he laughed asking if it was the highlight of the show for me. Well not the highlight but it warmed my heart. Touring must be so much easier for Mika if he can see his family.

Saskia and I had seats for Paris because our schedule was tight with trains and it felt a stressless option. We met the other German fans at the venue and managed to get us all really good seats with a great view to the stage. I still had mixed feelings. I’m not a party person singing and dancing along, I want to hear and see everything. I looked forward to seeing the new set and the light show from a different perspective but also felt I was going to miss a half of the show because I couldn’t see any details from that far away. I can’t understand French so it feels important to see Mika’s facial expressions to know what’s happening on stage.

Watching the show from the back was different but it was also so much fun being there together with the girls. Marion is fluent in French and she explained Mika’s words to Saskia who in turn repeated everything to me. It was like the old children’s game where the story changes on the way and I was laughing too much to be able to repeat everything to Karin next to me.  I loved seeing the whole view and paid a lot of attention to the set and lights. There’s so much work put into this new show, it’s really amazing. So proud and happy after seeing it and can’t wait to see it again later this week. My photo gallery from Rennes is here and from Paris here. A few more pics below.







A little summary of this year before starting the European tour. 2015 seems to be my favorite Mika year so far! I’m happy with the new album. He says he makes joyful music but I can hear the melancholy… I love it as it is and it sounds real. Mika is finding his place in the music business and that reflects on his music as well. Also, I’m impressed and proud he is turning his new celebrity status to a very meaningful direction and speaking out, setting an example and taking part several charity projects. Some of my favorites for the year 2015 so far:

Montreal, of course. It feels like it was a life time ago but it actually happened this year. An extraordinary experience for everyone who could be there and something I will never forget. The big orchestra gave the songs the justice they truly deserve. I used to think nothing could top the Intimate US tour, I absolutely loved the intimate setting, getting deeper in the music and the whole concept. However, Montreal was beyond everything I could ever expect. The acoustics was wonderful, the orchestra incredibly powerful and Mika’s singing focused and more beautiful than ever.

I did trips to the US and Asia earlier this year and loved them both! I felt grateful for seeing the new setting and some smaller gigs before big summer season festivals and for the opportunity to meet new people and to finally get to know Japan (which I absolutely loved). I still highly appreciate those experiences and hope to be able to visit both North-America and Asia again in the near future. My photo galleries from New York here and from Tokyo here.

I saw several great shows and festival performances during the summer months and even it’s difficult to pick only two I’ll say Cattolica and Colors of Ostrava Festival as my biggest favorites. I read my thoughts about Cattolica and it immediately brought back the memories. Definitely my favorite show for the summer.

Ostrava on the other hand was one of the best festival performances I’ve seen. It was sharp from the beginning to the end and extremely respectful towards the audience, he went close to the crowd and literally gave his everything ignoring the pouring rain and his fancy outfit. I generally like old-school festivals with long traditions, it’s also an honor for Mika to be a headliner and a part of their good lineups. My photo gallery from Ostrava is here.

The tour dates for September/October below. Makes you wish you lived in France, doesn’t it? I’m planning to do like I always do with tours, trying to see the beginning and the ending and as many shows between as I can easily fit in family schedules, including different countries and some interesting looking venues.


18 September Le Liberte, Rennes, France

19 September Zenith, Paris, France

20 September, Zenith, Lille, France

22 September Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands

23 September Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

25 September Den Atelier, Luxembourg

26 September Komplex 457, Zurich, Switzerland

27 September Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy

29 September Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy

30 September Mandela Forum, Florence, Italy


01 October L’Amphitheatre Lyon, France

03 October Medoquine, Bordeaux, France

04 October Le Bikini, Toulouse, France

05 October El Ring de Barclaycard, Madrid, Spain

07 October Le Silo, Marseille, France

08 October Le Summum, Grenoble, France

09 October Zenith, Nancy, France

11 October Le Phare, Tournefeuille, France

13 October Zenith, Limoges, France

14 October Vendespace, Mouilleron Le Captif, France

16 October Zenith, Caen, France

17 October Zenith, Paris, France

18 October Adelphe Theatre, London, UK


I have a few extra tickets (which I don’t need for myself) for the upcoming tour and I thought it would be fun to give away a pair of tickets for a couple of sold out shows as a nice surprise for someone who didn’t manage to buy tickets or needs more for their friends or family. I’m giving away

  • a pair of standing tickets to see Mika at Mediolanum Forum, Assago, Milan 27th September (presale tickets so will get them at the venue box office the day of the gig)
  • a pair of seated tickets to see Mika at Zenith, Paris 17th October (not numbered seats).

Both shows are sold out, send me an email if interested nina(a)mikagigs.com. See you soon at gigs xx

Edit: The tickets are gone! Thanks everyone who retweeted the giveaway!