Summary & European tour dates

A little summary of this year before starting the European tour. 2015 seems to be my favorite Mika year so far! I’m happy with the new album. He says he makes joyful music but I can hear the melancholy… I love it as it is and it sounds real. Mika is finding his place in the music business and that reflects on his music as well. Also, I’m impressed and proud he is turning his new celebrity status to a very meaningful direction and speaking out, setting an example and taking part several charity projects. Some of my favorites for the year 2015 so far:

Montreal, of course. It feels like it was a life time ago but it actually happened this year. An extraordinary experience for everyone who could be there and something I will never forget. The big orchestra gave the songs the justice they truly deserve. I used to think nothing could top the Intimate US tour, I absolutely loved the intimate setting, getting deeper in the music and the whole concept. However, Montreal was beyond everything I could ever expect. The acoustics was wonderful, the orchestra incredibly powerful and Mika’s singing focused and more beautiful than ever.

I did trips to the US and Asia earlier this year and loved them both! I felt grateful for seeing the new setting and some smaller gigs before big summer season festivals and for the opportunity to meet new people and to finally get to know Japan (which I absolutely loved). I still highly appreciate those experiences and hope to be able to visit both North-America and Asia again in the near future. My photo galleries from New York here and from Tokyo here.

I saw several great shows and festival performances during the summer months and even it’s difficult to pick only two I’ll say Cattolica and Colors of Ostrava Festival as my biggest favorites. I read my thoughts about Cattolica and it immediately brought back the memories. Definitely my favorite show for the summer.

Ostrava on the other hand was one of the best festival performances I’ve seen. It was sharp from the beginning to the end and extremely respectful towards the audience, he went close to the crowd and literally gave his everything ignoring the pouring rain and his fancy outfit. I generally like old-school festivals with long traditions, it’s also an honor for Mika to be a headliner and a part of their good lineups. My photo gallery from Ostrava is here.

The tour dates for September/October below. Makes you wish you lived in France, doesn’t it? I’m planning to do like I always do with tours, trying to see the beginning and the ending and as many shows between as I can easily fit in family schedules, including different countries and some interesting looking venues.


18 September Le Liberte, Rennes, France

19 September Zenith, Paris, France

20 September, Zenith, Lille, France

22 September Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands

23 September Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

25 September Den Atelier, Luxembourg

26 September Komplex 457, Zurich, Switzerland

27 September Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy

29 September Palalottomatica, Rome, Italy

30 September Mandela Forum, Florence, Italy


01 October L’Amphitheatre Lyon, France

03 October Medoquine, Bordeaux, France

04 October Le Bikini, Toulouse, France

05 October El Ring de Barclaycard, Madrid, Spain

07 October Le Silo, Marseille, France

08 October Le Summum, Grenoble, France

09 October Zenith, Nancy, France

11 October Le Phare, Tournefeuille, France

13 October Zenith, Limoges, France

14 October Vendespace, Mouilleron Le Captif, France

16 October Zenith, Caen, France

17 October Zenith, Paris, France

18 October Adelphe Theatre, London, UK