Marseille is a dodgy place, rats running on streets and policemen just hanging around in big groups like waiting for something to happen. However, it has a lot of character, the architecture is absolutely beautiful and the place is shabby in that particular light way I really like. And there’s the sea! The port smells salty and the mistral goes inside your clothes but also blows away rainy clouds. We had a lovely sunny weather for Monday and I spent the afternoon walking and watching the sea and sky changing in different shades. So pretty!

There was a lot of pressure for the gig. The original date was cancelled the moment the doors were supposed to open so it was important the audience could feel it was worth it to come there twice. I was wondering myself if it’s worth it to travel all the way to Marseille (and queue the whole day) twice but I like seeing gigs in different parts of France and wanted to see the last show of the tour and decided to go. I traveled Marseille from Como with Solange who has an apartment near the venue. A huge thank you to her for hosting me and the other girls at her home!

Mika made a lot of effort for the show. Maybe not in his usual “let’s have fun on stage” way but more like “let’s wrap up this tour, we can do it” way and the result was good. He flirted with the audience a lot, even climbed to the balcony twice to kiss and personally sing and dance to a lady sitting near the stage (she certainly had the time of her life, see my GW vid) and almost jumped into the crowd directly in front of him. He was dancing, jumping, posing and having fun with Max and Tristan and generally showed his showman side in every possible way.

The front row was already almost full when we were let in but we somehow managed to get spots on the right side of the stage (I was next to the French fans and quickly checked that the Italians were on the left side). My one woman Tristan fan club was directly in front of him, I had generally a nice view and Mika did his best to do a good, energetic show. I still felt exhausted during the show, not because of lack of sleep but simply because I’ve been so busy lately.

Listening and watching the show brought my energy back but still happy that I decided to take some videos to be able to watch at least a part of the show again at home. I wish I had filmed every single song. I have really liked the set list for the tour and could hear almost all my album favorites also in Marseille (Last Party, No Place In Heaven, Good Wife, Boum Boum Boum, Promiseland). A few pics and videos below.

I flied to Italy on Friday and had a feeling I’ve traveled too much lately. I didn’t have time to properly unpack my bag after coming back from Paris and London so I just grabbed another suitcase. I knew I had to check in my flight but couldn’t remember where I was going. Oh to Como! That meant I had to fly to Milan. Quickly counted this was my sixth time in Italy since the Milan gig in June.

I arrived Como late Friday night, found Bine and our hotel and had dinner downstairs. The restaurant was nice quality. Como is such a pretty small place! The center and the lake are beautiful and we got the sunniest October weather for Saturday. I saw the fancy old theater building and pictures Mika tweeted from inside and started to realize how extremely lucky I was being there that particular weekend and how amazing the concert in the evening could be.

Every opportunity to hear Mika with a symphony orchestra is incredibly special and extraordinary so it’s difficult to compare them. The experiences in Montreal and Como were still slightly different for natural reasons. In Montreal Mika was a guest for the local symphony orchestra, respected that and maybe for that reason closely followed the nature of the event. In Como his performing wasn’t that controlled and careful. It was more relaxed, even playful and every way more his own style.

So even I loved every second in Montreal the concert in Como went even more strongly into my heart and made me feel extremely touched and emotional. His singing was literally breathtaking, I simply forgot to breath when the music took over me and had tears in my eyes half of the concert without any need to think anything. I feel easily touched at gigs but symphony concerts can raise emotions on another, much higher level.

I’m not in a position to compare any symphony orchestras to each other – I know absolutely nothing about classical music – so I can compare only how I liked the singing/performing and the experiences itself. In Montreal everything sounded right, I couldn’t hear a single disturbing sound and loved being able to separate both Ida and Max on the background. In Como the singer replacing Ida took my attention several times. Also, I couldn’t hear Max when I expected and it moved my focus away from Mika. I can’t tell if anyone else thought the same. I might be spoiled after hearing Ida and Max together in Montreal, I loved their voices!

The audience in Como was a bit disturbing as well but I knew to expect that and Mika handled the situation quite well. Simon Leclerc told people off for clapping twice with his small hand gesture (I sent him grateful thoughts for that) and Mika gave shouting people patient smiles and chatted even a bit too much while keeping the audience in control.

I would have been stricter. I seriously hope that Mika will do many more symphony collaborations in the future and it could be a good idea to tell people how to behave from the beginning. There are different kind of events. It’s totally okay to bring giant posters and have a picnic at festivals. Arena concerts are the better the more people jump and the louder they sing. Small intimate gigs are full dancing, warm feeling and interaction between Mika and the audience.

Symphony concerts are different. People dress tidy whatever their style is and leave cameras and posters at home or at least in their bag to calm down the situation, to let the orchestra (more than a hundred musicians!) work in peace and to respect old, special venues. They sit in their places and let the performance transfer themselves to a heavenly place. First it may feel weird not to clap during high-energy songs but clapping can disturb the musicians in the orchestra (we were clearly told that in Montreal) and singing along will definitely disturb the rest of the audience who is doing their everything to memorize every single moment that night.

Also, it’s rude to read news from the mobile or chat online during symphony concerts like the man sitting in front of me did. I was desperate to see better and would have loved to change seats with him. Sometimes we are forced to go to events just for the company and I admit I often read my mobile as well. At symphony concerts it’s just unacceptable for the respect towards both the artist and the musicians. The people shouting during the concert were very young and I tried to be understanding. After all, without the XF fame a concert like this could have been impossible to organize.

Now back to the set list and Mika’s performance. His voice has never sounded as good as it sounds together with a big classical orchestra! Especially the lower parts of his voice filled Teatro Sociale in such a special and emotional way it’s hard to even describe it and living through every song with his performance created the most touching musical moments I’ve probably ever experienced and I could see every fan and every true music lover at the theater had an equally powerful experience.

Toy Boy in the beginning was nervous but Underwater after that maybe the best and most emotional version I’ve ever heard. I suddenly noticed my eyes are full of tears and I can’t even explain why, the performance was simply strong enough to make it happen. Extremely emotional. Boum Boum Boum wasn’t as good as it was in Montreal with Ida but another symphony version was still great. I love this song performed live and a symphony orchestra gives it a different, more serious tone.

After that we heard Rain and I had to wonder when was the last time I could really feel I hate days like this and I couldn’t remember. It was wonderful to get the song back. It’s been a long time since I’ve loved Rain this much. Then Last Party and so much tears (again) and the most powerful version I’ve heard for the song.

I felt overwhelmed already and for that reason almost missed Overrated and Any Other World and can remember something similar from Montreal. Drunk was light and playful even I could feel the break up vibe more than usually (can’t explain how it was done) and together with Ordinary Man calmed me down. I tried to keep the wonderful Ordinary Man version from the Heaven Tour in my mind and had a feeling he kept the song less theatrical than in Montreal so I enjoyed the Como version more than the one I heard in February.

Then outstanding Heroes and I absolutely loved how his deeper voice filled the whole theater and I had tears in my eyes (again!) just because everything felt so right and made justice for the song and was so well deserved in every way both for the song and for Mika. Very impressive performance. Then it was time for a break. I jumped from my seat and walked around the lower floor and gave people a few hugs just of happiness and then returned back to my middle of the audience seat. My view was wonderful, only wished I could have seen it from a closer distance.

He started the second part with Grace Kelly, maybe my least favorite on the symphony set list and continued with stunning Over My Sholder. I always love this song, I’m happy to hear it at all kind of gigs but the symphony version is outstanding. Just like in Montreal I could suddenly see the whole autumn/early winter landscape in front of me, it was spectacular and something that happens only with the symphony version.

After OMS an amazing version of Good Guys, a true tribute to the persons mentioned in the song riding towards the sunset. Again, I can’t explain how it was done but you will understand my words when you hear the version. Then Make You Happy and this time not my second favorite version like I thought in Montreal. I couldn’t first remember the song and not blaming myself, Mika had notes for the lyrics too but quickly remembered how much I love the song when it’s performed in the right and personal way.

Then Happy Ending with a standing ovation, well deserved at this point of the concert and after the brilliant performance. Maybe not my personal favorite HE without Ida but I’m spoiled with many magical Happy Endings. Origin was done with the usual hearts and dancing, he couldn’t much control himself and probably didn’t even try to. Amazing love song vibe! Then gentle Relax (one of the crying songs), two high-energy songs (I think with symphony I prefer EMD over LT even it’s usually the other way around), beautiful Stardust in English and Toy Boy once again, maybe not as good as in Montreal but still a lovely way to end the show.

Mika looked stylish in his most beautiful Valentino. In the end of the concert he smiled happily, thanked the audience and nodded friendly to some young fans holding big posters and wrapped one of the sheets around Simon Leclerc who openly showed his disapproval towards this ugly, inappropriate thing. Must admire him both for the incredible arrangements and his correct manners. Wonderful, very special night in Como. Still over-tired after the strong emotions and trusting there will be more symphony concerts in the future even they must be expensive and so time-consuming to organize.

(Edit: I just realized the man “reading news” could be press and actually writing news. People next to him arrived 15 minutes late and looked really rude as well. They should have a separate area somewhere side for the press but I assume the concert was partly arranged to promote the new album and the middle area given to journalists for that reason. I was surrounded by men reading news at the Assago gig so automatically at first put this one in the same category.)

A small blog post to document our lovely day in London. I arrived with my family from Paris by train. It was our first time using Eurostar, so comfortable and easy. We had an early tea, checked in to our hotel to have a quick shower and hurried to a pub near the theater to meet other fans before the show.

I stepped in the pub, was surrounded by familiar faces from all over the world and immediately realized how much I love the whole idea of having this community around me! I’ve loved these people as persons/groups and have a lot of friends in the Mika world but loving the thought of the massive community itself took me a while. With any online community you always get also things you didn’t ask. Complaining, negativity, arguments, online weirdos. It’s a lot to handle.

I’ve learnt to handle it. I don’t actually meet weirdos in real life. People are cool and amazing and meeting and learning to know them has made my life interesting and more colorful. If someone is complaining I just focus on the song playing in my head at the moment. If people argue, I add the volume for the music. Unpleasant things go always away.

So I stepped in the pub and got the warmest feeling while watching the familiar faces! I run to give hugs to the German girls who have recently given me the official adopted German status. This is the first time I kind of belong to any group so I’m thrilled and shyly whispered “from Germany” when people me asked where I’m from. I can understand some German but the German group speaks always English when I’m around which is incredibly polite and sweet.

I continued saying hello to my dear French and Italian friends and thought it’s lovely they want to come to meetings and be a part of the bigger community even they have also their own, smaller communities. I’m not a part of their local groups – I can’t speak their language – but we have shared many amazing gigs together and they have always helped me in every possible way and often include me in their plans. The pub was crowded and noisy but I tried to say quick hello to as many as I could while having a pretty, apricot color drink (that was an Italian thing).

It was impossible to have a chat with everyone and I’m sorry I missed so many people. I saw some UK fans I haven’t seen for a long time, had a little chat with Lara and Bodil and her family from Sweden and managed to quickly introduce my family to Deb who was busy hosting the party. Then waved to the Belgian and Dutch fans and had a group picture with the lovely Korean girls I met in Paris (knew Lasher of course in advance). I was wearing my favorite butterfly scarf I got as a birthday present from Eriko in Japan, got many compliments about it and thought of her several times during the night.

Then it was time to leave to the theater, get our tickets from the box office and have the usual See Ticket problems. This time I didn’t care about the problems because this was a seated gig and I could just walk to my front row seat my husband managed to buy me during the pre-sales (sent him loving thoughts to the upper part of the theater when I saw my seat). Such rare luxury to walk front row without queueing!

The theater was small and intimate. I had no idea it’s that small and was happy to see that my family at the Dress Circle had also a good view. The Citizens opened and this was the last possibility to see them before the tour was over. Their performance was great as always and was super sweet from them to mention Mika fans during it. Then it was time for Mika and everything was absolutely perfect. Definitely one of the most special shows I’ve ever experienced!

Well his voice was tired of course. The tour schedule was too hard. We all knew it from the beginning but for financial reasons they probably couldn’t do it any other way. The schedule left him no time to rest his voice or to take care of his health. I hold my breath during No Place In Heaven – could mostly hear only Max – but then everything was fine and the show went really well and I thought it was unbelievable he could do such an amazing concert in the end of the tour.

He looked so beautiful. I was totally fangurling during the whole the performance and as always adored the little swimming movements he does during many songs. He was wearing his firework Valentino with the stunning shiny details and I noticed the outfit looked already a bit messy after dancing and jumping. Only Mika can make his gorgeous Valentino suit look messy that quickly! I loved him even more for that. I like messy. Tidy, polished looks are more suitable for symphony concerts.

I also thought he looks like a proper adult. So much older than in his early days and it means I’ve already been there long enough to see him aging. What an amazing thought! I love seeing people aging and men get older so beautifully. I felt more love for that too. He is a lucky man. He can look messy and older and people still love him even more than they earlier did. I had assumed he is nervous but couldn’t see many signs of that.

Every song was somehow special with new arrangements, tones and details. I sometimes watch big, important events like shows in Paris or Milan from an outsider’s point of view. I feel enjoyment but also commitment and responsibility to see events that are important for Mika’s career. Smaller ones like this one at Adelphi are pure selfish pleasure. They make me so happy the world around the venue could collapse and I wouldn’t notice. Maybe it did, I can’t tell. I enjoyed every moment so much I can’t express it.

I was prepared he might not do any French songs in London but he did Boum Boum Boum with the intro and it was exactly how I love it, funny but still focused on the song. Good Guys was incredibly lovely and sweet. The song wasn’t originally one of my favorites but this more gentle version definitely is. OMS was breathtaking, I love it every time, it’s such a beautiful classic! Promiseland was fantastic – a proper highlight – and got the fab response it deserves. Finally heard the dance version of Hurts, so happy to hear it live. Happy Ending with a cappella ending made me a bit nervous but was absolutely stunning and Last Party was once again my biggest personal favorite.

Little Tristan was awesome especially in Love Today and even Curtis left his responsibilities for a moment to have fun during the guitar part. Max was moving  around the stage in his unique way as much as the space allowed and Joy is present even behind her instruments (she has really grown and found her place in the band hasn’t she) so the little drumming session in the beginning of Lollipop with the whole band gathered around the piano was like planned to introduce Lewis who looks always so modest.

The whole event was absolutely precious. I was aware I look stupid smiling through the whole gig but my friends around me looked equally happy so I didn’t let it bother. There was so much love in that little theater, I’m sure Mika could feel it in the air. I took some pics but none of them can properly describe the atmosphere so I just leave them out. Thanks everyone who made the night so special. Postponing the end of the tour sadness with a trip to Como later this week. xx

I travelled to Paris with my whole family so the experience was different than usually (equally or even more fun but for different reasons). First I had to postpone my trip due to bad cold and I missed the show on Wednesday. Another missed show! I felt disappointed about it but was gladly well enough to travel on Wednesday and could enjoy our family time in Paris on Thursday and Friday. My sons wanted to see the view so we climbed on Eiffel Tower in the freezing cold weather, visited a couple of museums (really enjoyed the new women photographers exhibition at Musée d’Orsay and the building is fabulous as well) and found a really nice restaurant to celebrate my husband’s birthday on Friday.

On Saturday I went to the venue in good time to get some particular seats I had in mind. Well didn’t get those (thanks to the incompetent security who first decided my tickets are not for the golden area even they obviously were) but had still a nice view. Having seats instead of seeing the show from close distance/feeling the crowd effect is not the same – I had tested that twice during this tour already – so I wasn’t as excited as I usually am but was still waiting for the show in a good mood and extremely curious to see my family’s reactions!

The Citizens started and had a good energy. I like them and felt a bit sad I won’t see them again after the tour ends, I’ve really enjoyed their performances. Then the Mika show started and I loved how surprised and excited my 12 yo son was when he heard the medley and saw the Heaven sign coming down. Mika came on stage and sounded a bit sore throat/tired but still fine and I felt relieved and started to enjoy the show (I was already nervous for Sunday and had been worried he might not be well).

The audience standing in front of me was enthusiastic and knew the songs but the crowd sitting around the venue looked a bit lame just like in Milan earlier this tour. People were watching and obviously enjoying but didn’t seem to know Mika’s new music properly and many of them had probably bought their tickets after seeing him on television and not because of the new album. The seated area was mostly sitting (and not dancing and taking a part of show) until the later part of the show so I had to sit and watch as well instead of partying along.

I was observing my family to see their response and to my surprise they sat and looked somehow shocked during the whole performance but told later they had loved everything they saw. I guess everything happening on stage was simply too much to handle and took all their attention! I basically knew what to expect but still found several little surprises here and there. So many new details added again, loved it and find it amazing how the show has evolved during the tour!

The crowd knew the old hits and was thrilled about Grace Kelly and Relax but lived along also some newer songs like Talk About You. It’s obviously the best new song for an ignorant audience and it’s always good live even originally not a fan favorite. However, some other new songs would have deserved much better response than they got. Promiseland was absolutely perfect (it seems to get better and better every time I hear it) but still totally undervalued by the seated crowd which made me frustrated in the middle of the area.

I couldn’t feel the usual energy but maybe just couldn’t catch it sitting so far back? However, it was obvious Mika was seriously making an effort with his performance wanting to end his tour in France with an especially good gig and he managed to do well indeed. The show was fabulous and impressed me once again even I had already seen the full setting several times during the tour.

I absolutely love it how everything works on stage and how nicely and smoothly every detail follows each other and how the whole stage is used for the setting! My youngest son could seemingly appreciate the impressive setting with the caravan, globe, gate, background and the light show so I’m glad we saw the full stage in Paris before the smaller London show (which as an experience was so super magical and precious to me, will write a long report about it later!).

I was excited to hear how GK was started in a new, harder way and loved BBB and Mika focusing on the song again. Felt happy and carefree during GW, energized by TAY and a bit sad as soon as Relax started. It’s a personal song for me so paradoxically and despite of the lyrics it always makes me to remember everything I need to be worried about. I pushed the feeling away and really enjoyed Promiseland and loved loved loved Last Party (my favorite part of the show even the worried feeling returned for the same reasons as earlier). I could feel the audience’s excitement during Love Today and adored the rock star style beginning definitely at least as much as my family who saw everything with their fresh eyes.

I missed a few details/changes during the show simply because I was too far away and for that reason couldn’t see any facial expressions. I was blinded by the beautiful magnificent globe, my favorite part of the set and couldn’t help but explaining and pointing to my son how it’s specially made and covered by crystals. I didn’t manage to take any really nice photos from far back but took a few of the whole stage to remember it now when the tour is over.

The setting must have been expensive and it makes me wonder if it was really done only for one month or if there will be more shows to come. The Paris show ended and we could hear the new dance version of Hurts played on the background, I loved it and started to hope we could hear it live in London (as we did, more about that as soon as possible).





Writing this on my way home from Grenoble. I saw three concerts during my trip, the two last gigs in Marseille and Grenoble were cancelled. I had planned to write a proper report about every gig – taking a bit different point of views and telling about the show and the new setting, the current set list and everything happening around the gigs – but the tour schedule is tight and I didn’t have time for that so I’m gathering some thoughts about my week here.

The new set list is the longest Mika has done and as already said really satisfying to the audience. It’s also hard and tiring to sing. He tried to save his voice a bit before cancellations – skipping a song here and there, making the audience as a part of the show, using the band – but kept the set still long and gave his everything during every show so no surprise he was vulnerable enough to catch a cold (like we all during every single tour) and has now issues with his vocal chords. Maybe pushing himself too much in Madrid? Marseille was cancelled and I was happy the same was done in Grenoble even it meant we missed the gig and even it must be frustrating for him. Too much to risk for one or two random shows just before several important events.

Fans are understanding with cancellations like this. Of course everyone was a little down and worried in Marseille. I suddenly realized I’m sick (now lost my voice like to show my sympathy), over-tired, hungry enough to have hunger tantrums and all other things we never notice in our gig high. I felt homesick but couldn’t find any reasonable way to shorten my trip so I followed my original plan after Marseille even expected Grenoble to be cancelled as well.

A few thoughts about the shows in general. We didn’t see the full stage set at every venue. The Heaven sign and gate can fit also to smaller stages, the caravan and globe need both width and heigh. The beautiful gate – to heaven or to hell – is my favorite part of the set (starting a song behind it looks incredibly cool) and absolutely love the glittery globe! I’ve enjoyed seeing variations and shows with smaller setting, that way it’s easier to focus on the performance and the full set stays fresh and special for bigger shows.

The supporting band Citizens! has been a huge hit! Practically everyone loves them and they are good indeed. I’ve been listening to their album but like their rock live sound even more. They are not so well known (yet) so they make an effort to be nice to everyone and have always time for little chats with fans. Their performance makes me in a good mood before Mika starts meaning I don’t need to adjust my mood during the first Mika songs and I can fully enjoy the whole gig.

About the set list. It’s slightly changing and I really appreciate it. There is a basic structure but the order is changing a bit. My neural system is programmed to expect a certain order, it’s useful to be woken up by unexpected songs and after seeing several shows little changes give a positive, surprising impact. The beginning medley is still exciting. It feels irrational (meaning I can’t connect it to anything) but I like the clips and purple lights behind ”Purple Rain”.

A few random thoughts about songs.

No Place In Heaven fits with the theme, I just wish Mika wasn’t covering and hiding himself during the song. He is dressed in a coat and hat and the audience’s attention is in the caravan (unless the stage is too small for caravan and the song is done in the middle of the stage) and the true meaning of the song stays somehow hidden. First I thought I can’t focus on the song enough. No, the problem is I can’t see that Mika I want to focus on. He is in the middle of the theater scene covered by a secret agent’s outfit. NPIH is a personal and honest song. I would love to see it performed in a personal and honest way, softly and wearing sweaty, wrinkled shirt.

Sounds silly but I’m not joking. There can be a big difference in the atmosphere, just see how amazing Ordinary Man became when he was brave enough to do it in a smaller way. Love love love this version from Bordeaux:

He is doing little changes in his old songs. I’m especially pleased he is doing something with Relax. Not sure I like the result (yet) or can explain what he is doing with it but I like the idea he is giving his attention to Relax, it deserves it. The new beginning of Grace Kelly I already like a lot. Lollipop can always raise again. Love Today is phenomenal! Very impressed he can make it better year after year. Big Girl is a crowd pleaser. I would prefer Century Man as a high energy song but of course everyone enjoys BG and it’s a good, standard option in the beginning if photographers are disturbing the show.

Boum Boum Boum has become an entertainment number so the song is a bit lost in the middle of boxing gloves, funny glasses, hats, jokes, fans and dancing scenes. It gives a suitable moment for entertainment and chatting so I totally understand why it’s done that way but miss the old version I loved so much. Just the song and dancing. I love the live version of this song and the atmosphere going from gentle to powerful and the Spanish style beginning is pretty cool as well.

Talk About You has a good, positive energy but it’s not the highlight as it used to be at festivals simply because there are better songs to stand out: Good Guys is getting better and better and we heard a super special version in Bordeaux or Toulouse (travelled too much, someone help me?). Staring At The Sun is great live especially in English like heard in Madrid. Good Wife and Promiseland are both brilliant! Last Party in the end keeps its place as my personal favorite.

Good Wife is such an uplifting song! It’s so good it gives me a surprise every time I hear it. I can feel my posture changing because suddenly the world doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. The melancholic thought of something that never happened is somewhere on the background. I really enjoy this song, it makes me so happy and carefree. Promiseland has become the highlight I expected it to become. The calm part sounds calm and confident and the party part makes people go crazy. Perferct!

Funny, interesting and special details happened in all three shows. In Bordeaux Mika filmed a little clip to congratulate his friend and asked the audience to make some noise for it. He was pleased with the result and rewarded us (the whole audience) with giggling and smiles! In Madrid he asked a sweet young girl with a puppet on stage (see photos in my gallery). He used Melissa’s flowers and Karin’s crown and made Max wear Saskia’s wings the whole Madrid gig. He took Spanish lyrics someone gave for TAY and tried to sing them.

He changed his outfit several times and used several colorful jackets (really love those jackets, my favorites so far). He gave a lot of spotlight to the band and put Tristan behind the gate in the beginning of Love Today. One of my all time favorite Love Todays! Tristan is a rock star, all the others have already lost that kind of real enthusiasm. Hope he can continue his happy stage party without restrictions.

Last but no least stunning a cappella moments in the end of Happy Ending every show even in Madrid which was super amazing and a little bit worrying at the same time. The venue wasn’t small at all and I had a feeling Mika was already giving the audience everything he possibly could and everything and even more the audience possibly could hope for. Maybe even too much? One of my all time favorite shows for sure. I have really enjoyed this tour, now fingers crossed the man is in good enough health for a few more shows.

I loved this Luxembourg gig. Loved loved loved it. My favorite kind of Mika gigs. Not as exciting as the first show of the tour in Rennes was (the biggest excitement for years) but warm, cozy and small. I love it when Mika is close to the audience. The stage was tiny so there was no space for anything else except him and the band. No stage setting or even background, just Mika singing and chatting to the audience the band having fun around him. I didn’t take many photos, I didn’t want to put my camera between us and I loved it that he left his microphone in the end of Happy Ending and sang a bit without it, it was absolutely beautiful and that way there was nothing between his voice and the audience either.

He took a lot of contact with the crowd like he often does at intimate gigs like this. I couldn’t understand his chatting in French but really enjoyed the atmosphere. In the end of Boum Boum Boum he suddenly pointed me asking me on stage. It was very unexpected. I have a horrible stage fear and going on stage even for a short moment without knowing what’s going to happen felt absolutely terrifying. I messaged him “no” but he did some demanding gestures with his  fingers and I said “nooo” again and then he quickly grabbed Karin on stage instead.

Hahah at least I made her happy! She enjoyed her time on stage and getting some cool dancing photos with Mika but I felt a bit bad afterwards. Fans are supposed to play along  during gigs, I wasn’t sure if he likes people saying no. He asks fans on stage quite often and those moments are meant to be really special. Usually fans are dying to be there! I’m such a failure… How to explain that just having the possibility made me happy? Luckily he said later it was just funny. Maybe I will get over my stage fear someday. I’ve been on stage during previous tours (that time we all knew what was going to happen) and survived and had a wonderful experience.

The set list for Luxembourg:

  • No Place In Heaven
  • Big Girl
  • Good Wife
  • Grace Kelly
  • Boum Boum Boum
  • Talk About You
  • Good Guys
  • Origin Of Love
  • Relax
  • L’amour
  • Staring At The Sun
  • Promiseland
  • Underwater
  • Elle Me Dit
  • Happy Ending
  • Love Today
  • Last Party

He skipped Golden and Lollipop in the end. During Promiseland he took a crown Karin gave him and was wearing it half of the show and told little stories that it brought to his mind (couldn’t understand but got translations later).  I can’t tell any favorites like I usually do, loved every song and really enjoyed this intimate gig. Cristina and her husband were kind and drove us to our hotel after he show so we didn’t have to look for a taxi. Such dodgy neighborhood in the center, full of prostitutes and dealers. What a great night to remember. Thanks everyone involved xx