Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016

Going through the year 2015 while preparing Christmas. With the Montreal and Como symphony concerts and several special long trips the past year was unquestionably my favorite Mika/traveling year. Amazing, beautiful concert memories and very special moments meeting people making new friends and seeing familiar faces. I’m grateful for every experience, thanks everyone I met for making this year so special!

I’m not particularly a Christmas person, I just want to enjoy quiet, relaxing holiday moments and spend time with my family. However, I absolutely love starting a new year. This time the radio show on BBC2 with Mika hosting, talking about his favorite songs and performing some covers will make my New Year’s Day simply perfect. You can already watch his incredible cover of Piano Man here. This is Mika I want to listen to more and more in the future, can’t wait him to perform also his own songs this way. Along with symphony concerts this is how I love him most and something I could listen to forever.

Thanks to Mika I do have a seasonal warm feeling in my heart despite of the usual holiday rush. I’ve been following his trip to Lebanon with the BBC journalist team and read his every tweet and update and feel enormous respect towards him for his personal involvement in the project. It’s obvious his work with the UN Refugee Agency comes directly from his heart and that he genuinely cares and is interested in these people and their stories (and knowing his roots that’s easy to understand). Follow his experiences with the tag #MyRefugeeStory on Twitter and Facebook and donate here.

Even though symphony concerts and acoustic performances are my favorites it doesn’t mean I appreciate regular shows or festival performances any less. I’m really looking forward to the year 2016 and happily already planning my traveling schedules. A new version of the Heaven Tour (maybe even a new show, we never know) is going to new countries, several new beautiful summer festival destinations have already been confirmed and I’m filling my calendar with excitement and anticipation.

I’m visiting Asia in February. My trip will be longer than my average European trips and I’m hoping to get some material also for my new easy/minimalist traveling blog I’m planning to open in January. Excited about that too. I will naturally continue writing my gig reports here but will be nice to share travel tips and experiences also more generally to people interested in minimalistic and light traveling (will link the new blog as soon as it’s open). Specially looking forward to shows in Baltic area (rare and close to my country) and planning to bring my family to see shows in London and hopefully also in Italy/France. All this something I’ve wished to do for a while already.

Happy holidays, everyone. See you soon xxx