About music and artists

Yesterday the first thing I read in the morning was the tragic news about David Bowie’s sudden death. I felt shocked and sad and couldn’t believe it was true. Not that I had or have any deep knowledge of Bowie as an artist/his production, born in the 70’s I just naturally grew up knowing his music and somehow always understood what a remarkable person he was. What kind of an influence he had, how much ahead of his time he was. During years some of his older songs just happened to become my all time favorite tracks.

I kept reading news, articles and comments I saw on my social media timelines. People who were lucky to have seen his concerts cherished their experiences, everyone linked their favorite Bowie songs and explained what the songs meant to them and many people described the role he had in their growing up and becoming the persons they eventually became. It was all so huge and touching that I had tears in my eyes while beginning to understand the massive impact Bowie had on so many generations of people.

It’s emotional to think how much impact certain artists, their songs, albums and concerts and music in general can have on us and on our lives. How much my own life changed when I finally discovered music that could match with my thoughts and world. How lucky I was to find an artist who’s music can always magically give me the energy I need the moments I need it most.

It’s not only about the pleasure I get from the music or the artist personality I’ve learn to love. It’s also about the atmosphere created around the music, someone encouraging and showing how to be more curious and learn new, how to sometimes choose something else than the most obvious choice, how to be passionate, love life and beauty and genuinely care about other people and the world.

I will blog more in February, the month will be hectic. First meeting fellow Mika fans in Korea and Japan. So excited about my trip to Asia, about (finally) experiencing the Korean audience and about going back to Japan and can’t thank enough my Asian friends for all their help and organizing. After that to China together with my husband. The timing is good – our winter holiday week – so I casually suggested my husband a trip to China together. I wasn’t sure he wants to travel all the way just for concerts but to my surprise he said yes so we started to make plans. Really looking forward to writing about everything I see during my trips.

Meanwhile listening to my favorite David Bowie song and to all my favorite Mika songs as many times as I feel like. Just because I can and because music makes life better.