I’ve always wanted to visit Sicily and now been lucky to travel there three times during the past 12 months. This was my first time in Palermo. I love the Sicilian vibe. I arrived my B&B and was worried because the area had nothing suitable for tourists, it was a basic living area next to a sports arena, huge parking areas and a big park (the venue), not a place to spend time or walk around alone especially at night time.

However, my B&B which was a private apartment with three rooms for rent was super clean and decorated in a charming, a bit quirky style with retro details (not fancy but very much my taste) and the owner called Marco was the friendliest person ever. He showed me the way to the venue entrance, shops and restaurants, organized a taxi for my early morning flight after the show and offered a cup of really good coffee so I immediately felt better and wasn’t worried anymore.





The gig day was extremely hot but nice and relaxed (Myriam and Solange in the pics) and everyone working at the venue was friendly and helpful including the sweet old dog living in the park. However, turned out the security gave fans wrong information on purpose and I couldn’t get over it even I got a good view and saw the gig well and everything was totally fine. I can’t handle this kind of dishonesty. People are supposed to trust the information and instructions given by venues and I can’t do that after this.

The crowd was pushy, I was holding my bags with two arms the whole time and had difficulties to breath but did my everything to focus on listening to the music and putting the negative thoughts and feelings on the background because the gig was very special. I had very much looked forward to seeing this gig in Palermo and it was everything I had hoped for and much more!

The performance was very high quality and obviously well planned, it was easy to see since the first seconds. Mika came on stage. He had a special jacket, carefully styled hair and a determined showman look on his face. This was not meant to be a regular gig. Looked fantastic of course. I saw a cameraman filming and assumed parts of the gig are possibly used as a material for the new television show on November. Mika has said he wants to use the tour for the show and this is a massive tour even compared to his previous Italian tours so I can understand his ambitious attitude.

We could see the mountains behind the stage before the colorful house background was lifted up. The venue looked amazing and Mika stylish and beautiful and his performance was outstanding with several rare songs and extra effort put in most of the regular songs as well. I appreciated it and paid attention to every possible song and detail and understood it was a true privilege to be in the audience and see this particular show.

I didn’t expect him to change the set list this much for real but love it that he proved me wrong and I very much enjoyed the set with Italian favorites Beautiful Disaster, Stardust and Hurts (all predictable but didn’t expect him to do them all), Step With Me as a rare song (totally didn’t expect), Promiseland (hoped for but again, didn’t expect) and every new/extra change made in the other songs (like Relax and Underwater). A very full set and I don’t think the audience could have hoped for more. He skipped something but the set was already long enough and obviously we can’t have everything at every single gig. The whole show was excellent, really. I was very impressed.





I laughed so much when I saw my confetti pics. Don’t you think the amount is getting bigger and bigger! It’s already filling people’s mouths, lol! Unfortunately only after Last Party and not during it which is the moment when I would like people to shut up (it’s my important moment) but obviously can’t ask them to be quiet, I know. Emotional performance for the song again.

Loved little changes in Relax. Another big highlight for me was Beautiful Disaster which is an incredibly pretty song. The dance parts are hard and I would love to hear a more gentle version but already love the song much, much more than ever expected after hearing the version with Fedez. Such a lovely surprise. I added Underwater video below. Beautiful version! Very grateful I could see the first two Italian gigs. Great start in stunning locations. I need to skip the next two for family reasons but will be back for Perugia and Padova and the rest of the tour in the end of July.












Mika started his Italian tour in Molfetta near Bari where the venue was particularly unique and pretty. My trip from Helsinki took more than 12 hours with flights, delays and traffic so I loved discovering how special and beautiful the place was. My B&B was right next to the venue and sea so it was all the same area and even my room offered a stunning view. The venue was restricted by the sea from one side – fishing boats coming and going – and a big building with a fish market from the other side so the whole place smelled like fish and salty sea (typical for south Italian seaside towns) and I spent the morning taking photos of boats and fishermen and cats (who could obviously smell the fish as well). The view was gorgeous during every time of the day sun rising or setting or simply shining making everything look pretty and silvery.

The gig was very local meaning only a handful of international fans (Solange from France and a few familiar Italians along me) and I enjoyed meeting so many new people especially as the locals I met at the venue were really friendly and nice and organized everything well and the day was really good and relaxed until the last moments when the usual complaining and pushing started. Suddenly and to our surprise the security came and stopped the nonsense and put everyone in their places in the queue using a few calm words and adding barriers. It seemed to be a favor to a father who’s daughter was in the line but made immediately us all happy and very satisfied so we tried to be extra polite and thanked the security several times.




We were let in front of the stage and after waiting for a while the girls from Xylaroo performed and I enjoyed listening their performance again and could hear everything very well. However, soon after Mika had started his show some technical problems appeared and during several songs I couldn’t hear his voice either properly or at all and one of the speakers seemed to be broken along some other issues. I didn’t mind so much because these things happen and I can always focus on catching new details and watching the band and taking photos but I automatically hold my breath a few times like I always do when something goes wrong and I expect Mika’s pose and face look tense and controlled and so not pleased (like my breathing had any effect on that, lol!) even I know he will naturally continue the performance as well and smoothly as possible.

I really loved Beautiful Disaster live even the sound wasn’t the best and luckily during Last Party everything went well and for me that alone would have made the inconvenient trip worthwhile. During the song I totally shut out everything else except the singing like I always do so I felt the crowd stopped screaming and singing and kept quiet but not sure if that really happened or if I was simply totally focused on the song. I entertained myself spotting details from several songs and watching Tristan’s rock star posing and enjoyed seeing the giant balloons back and hoped people would let them move in the crowd instead of immediately returning them on stage.

I had looked forward to sharing this unusually special venue with Mika but to be honest I have no idea if he realized how cool it was. He arrived late and left immediately after the show and was probably (and according to his tweets) upset and distracted by the morning’s political result in the UK. The news made and make me worried as well but in Molfetta I was too isolated (with no connections to read news and no one interested in chatting in English) to handle the issue so I just briefly talked with my husband in the phone and simply postponed my anxious thoughts as an opposite to Mika who as a UK citizen and coming from Brussels must have felt being in the middle of the issue. After the show I met Ani and had a short conversation with her and got some new points of view (like what will be the main language the UK being out, I didn’t thought that before).

I enjoyed my lovely short visit in Molfetta, it was a pleasure to meet everyone as always. I’m writing this at the airport and had a moment of panic in the plane because the landing was awful and made me a bit scared. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on a Mika song to calm myself and every single song that came to mind (Beautiful Disaster, Relax “there’s nothing we can do”, Last Party, “love’s gonna get you down”) felt somehow wrong so note to myself, I need to think a suitable song for situations like that. Some quick photos around the venue above and from the gig below.










I’m in love with the new Swatch designed by Mika and his sister Yasmine. It’s called Mumu and not sure if I love more the watch itself, the pretty box it came in – I will probably wear the watch for special occasions but can keep the box visible all the time – or the thought of Mika and his sister drawing in their kitchen (well maybe in their studio or other work space but I like the idea of the kitchen), creating all the details and putting so much work and thought behind this pretty, colorful thing. There’s a video on Swatch web page of making of Mumu, see it here.



I got my Mumu with a sweet signature in Lisbon. The pics below are from our little Mumu themed picnic party in Strasbourg organized by Miri and her mother (the stunning cake made by Miri herself!).


Bona Nit is a festival concept focused on environmental awareness, food, dancing and music. The event was organized in the Barcelona Spanish village and it was lovely to spend the day in a place like that and we walked around, sat in cafés and spent time outside where Valeria and Saskia made face paintings for everyone which was a lot of fun and is actually quite appropriate for festivals. The Barcelona weather was hot and sweaty so I a bit regretted my face painting later in the evening and couldn’t wait to properly wash my fox face after the show but still loved the idea and watching fans from many different countries doing something like this together.

The festival opened at 7 PM and I really liked the event and everything around it. Food stands sold gluten-free food and even gluten-free beer! I didn’t try the beer (the whole bottle would have been too much liquids, lol) but it was still luxurious to have the possibility. For once I didn’t have to be hungry the whole evening and bought a spinach ricotta tapioca crepe which was delicious! All kind of cameras were allowed and I wished I had taken my bigger camera to take better quality photos but didn’t know about the policy in advance and usually having a big camera means losing the spot in the queue at the gates. The security was really sweet and helped everyone during the whole night and worked almost as a courier between the audience and Mika delivering gifts and helping fans on stage.

I had eagerly looked forward to this festival. Not because I have some kind of a love relationship with Barcelona (at least not yet, it can gradually develop of course) but because seeing Mika gigs in any other country than France or Italy is rare and I knew he would add something special and extra for the local audience which he did.

We saw four groups/performances before Mika which was a lot to handle. My favorite was the Mexican group even I can’t remember their music well. I really liked their attitude; they seemed to enjoy their time on stage and did their best to make the audience enjoy as well and didn’t save their energy a bit. The night felt long and I was tired before we had seen the first half of the four performances and I realized how spoilt I am after seeing so many great quality Mika shows and felt embarrassed for my poor tolerance for regular artists and groups. We had to watch through two more performances and I tried to be understanding and supporting and not to show my impatience.

Then it was time for Mika and he did his usual performance and it felt like heaven. Everything was right. His stage team was quick and effective. We heard the intro, the band took their positions and Mika started. He looked gorgeous (see the first pic) and sounded beautiful and I could finally forget being tired and the noise and just enjoy the show. He can do a routine performance and it’s still always a bliss and makes me perfectly happy and satisfied and that’s even more important than enjoying everything special and new.

A couple of songs were added to the usual festival setlist for the Spanish audience like I had expected: Talk About You in Spanish after getting lyrics from the audience and Live You Life which is still popular in Spain after being in a commercial. The whole show was very spontaneous and the festival bear became a part of the Big Girl performance and hats, crowns, flower decorations and glasses from the audience ended up on Mika’s head and eventually also two local fans were asked on stage. That all was almost a bit chaotic and I loved watching the band reacting on everything that happened on stage. Last Party in the end was done Mika standing on the piano and was absolutely stunning! I could just listen, stare and hardly breath, loved the performance and the lights are perfect for the song.

The girls behind us were screaming from the beginning to the end of the show so I didn’t film anything. A few pics and a short clip of Becks dancing on stage below.


The gig in London was like a party. My whole trip to London was very special. I traveled together with my family (my husband and two of my three sons) and we stayed from early Friday morning until late Tuesday night so we had several days to visit museums/science centres and enjoyed it all very much. The MFC meet up before the show was lovely! Approximately 100 fans from all over the world gathered together to have drinks and say hello to each other before heading to the venue and it was wonderful to meet everyone. A huge thank you to Deb for organizing the meeting and hope to see everyone soon again.

The theatre was absolutely beautiful. Theatres are my favorite type of venues and they match with Mika’s music and style incredibly well. I had so looked forward to this show and to be honest I couldn’t wait to see Mika on stage again. People might think it’s strange because I had just seen him but not in circumstances like this and not together with my family. I had waited for this particular gig for months and I generally miss seeing him on stage as soon as the previous gig is over. I can’t explain it.

My family had great seats in the middle of the second row of the royal circle and told later their view over the stage was perfect. My youngest boy loved the show and put the show on the top of his list so far (he already saw two shows in Paris and London in October) but my older son wasn’t feeling well and found the sound too loud to enjoy. Major bad mother moment after realizing I had dragged him there without ear plugs! It was a theatre so I didn’t expect the sound to be too loud (it really was louder than I had thought) and he is a teenager (15) already so I’m sure he will get over it.

I enormously enjoyed the whole night, can’t even describe it. From my point of view (after seeing several shows during the past two weeks) the show was formal and not as relaxed or spontaneous as some other shows I’ve seen lately. It almost gave the vibe Mika is a stranger in his own town but his performance was still excellent and very professional and I totally understand he wanted everything to be controlled as the show was streamed in China which is a huge thing both for Mika as an artist and for his fans in China.

The set list was brilliant. He skipped Boum Boum Boum to please his UK fans but otherwise we got everything we could possibly hope for and heard several special songs outside the regular list. Opening with Porcelaine was more impressive and interesting than Big Girl at previous gigs. Promiseland is a big fan favorite and definitely pleased everyone. Over My Shoulder with his friend Alex was absolutely stunning (brought back memories from the acoustic tour 2009) and Ordinary Man in the end rare and lovely special treat. This time my personal favorite was Relax with an interesting intro and explanation about writing the song. I so enjoyed his chatting and stories throughout the whole show, such a pleasure for once to be able to understand everything!

His voice was beautiful. I saw a periscope from Switzerland where he sounded like having a flu (not totally sure about that because I wasn’t there) but couldn’t hear that at all in London. The stage looked amazing and the lights were great (and didn’t blind at all). I didn’t expect the arc to fit on the Palladium stage but the stage was bigger than I had thought and the arc was there. The choir didn’t work. Maybe it was a favor for someone to let the group on stage, they took space and attention but didn’t add anything extra to the songs.

Confetti was fabulous! There was so much of it, more confetti than you can ever imagine! I want to remember that confetti moment forever. Even my husband was thrilled – the confetti reached even the audience up at the royal circle – and to quote his exact words “this time there was more of everything” and “the set list was better than ever” and “Mika was very brave singing in the middle of the crowd” (obviously along with the confetti rain one of the highlights for him).

I didn’t take many photos so I don’t have much to share. I love taking photos at gigs, it’s the only way to keep the gigs in order and my mind sane and over a longer time period it has a huge meaning to me to have the details documented. I’m still trying my best to be sensitive and choose suitable moments, to show that I appreciate the performance and not to disturb any delicate songs. This time I had a lovely spot in front close to the stage and I had so eagerly waited for this particular venue and gig that I just wanted to enjoy and focus on listening and watching. A few vids below.


The gig in Grenoble was rescheduled so the venue and the area around it near foggy mountains were familiar to me, I was there a few months ago. At the venue I met French, Italian and Korean fans and sweet Melina and her mother from Greece. I already met them twice around the cancelled/rescheduled Marseille gig. Melina is only 14 yo and I promised to keep her company while waiting and during the gig.

grenoble with Melina

The girls from Xylaroo opened and the audience seemed to really like them. Shortly after that it was time for Mika. I posted a quick update and some pics here. I didn’t take many photos so a few words about the current setlist. There are small variations of course, it’s not similar every night.

He starts with Big Girl (several times in row already) which a basic choice to start with. There are more interesting options but if Big Girl needs to be on the setlist it can be in the beginning as well. When the curtain went down Mika took a sheet covering the throne and threw it over himself, Max and Tristan and continued teasing the band throughout the gig. I almost felt sorry for them, lol! They really need to be prepared for anything if he is in the mood to use them during the show.

He continued with Talk About You and the finger sign above the caravan came visible and he did the same gesture with his own fingers and the audience took the song well as always. The new detail in the end and the band doing a tiny dance together is very entertaining! Good Wife next. It’s one the best songs on the album and I would be disappointed if couldn’t hear it.

Grace Kelly has had a little face lift with a new chatty intro and confetti coming from the piano and I absolutely love the confetti. I’m childish that way, my life needs some confetti rain. There can’t be too much confetti. I want a lot of it as multicolor as possible and preferably every time when it’s appropriate if the venue doesn’t forbid it (that must sometimes happen, it’s such a mess).

I like hearing Rain but wouldn’t mind if it was something else. Origin is a must, goes without saying. Boum Boum Boum is my big favorite, I want to hear it everywhere, no matter what the country. I don’t care the joking part, I just want the song and especially the intro as long as possible. Lollipop is done with the band. In Grenoble he told the story in English (maybe the band to understand it) and I enjoyed hearing it even it didn’t make any sense.

The new version of Relax is beautiful and very much enjoyed it in Grenoble! He is changing his old songs it a little bit all the time. Staring At The Sun was done in the back of the venue again. People in the standing area almost panicked a little, it’s difficult to see where he goes. It’s a nice gesture to people sitting far way of course. First I couldn’t locate him at all so I didn’t pay so much attention to the song.

Good guy is a lovely and important song. Underwater is one of my personal favorites, love it every time. Lights aimed to the audience disturbed in Grenoble badly, I almost hoped the song to be over simply because the lights were too much.

The audience had Merci signs to show in the beginning of the Happing Ending (prepared by some French fans) and Mika reacted in a very sweet way and showed he appreciated the gesture. A cappella part in the end of Happy Ending is a bit tricky. It’s amazing of course but would be even more precious if it didn’t happen every time. I don’t know how to put it, I don’t want to sound like I complain hearing such a wonderful detail, it’s naturally one of the biggest highlights of the show.

EMD and WAG were once again like energy explosions. At some previous gigs Mika asked a fan on stage during EMD and I liked seeing him choosing guys who were dancing and trying to catch his attention instead of young girls who are always a majority, makes it more interesting to the audience (sorry girls!).

Last Party is the most important part of the show for me, the most beautiful and the most impressive song on the setlist. I love love love it and pray every gig he doesn’t add any extra tricks in it. Love Today makes a carnival style ending. The band is playing like their lives were depending on it, even Curtis, it’s huge. In Grenoble Mika teased Tristan with a soft animal behind his back and he must have been expecting silly things to happen, he hardly blinked his eyes. Mika really chatted and joked throughout the gig more than usually, maybe he wanted to save his voice and energy a bit or just felt like doing it.

That’s almost the setlist, can’t remember the exact order but will correct it later. No Promiseland, No Place In Heaven or Ordinary Man, would love to have any of them added. In Grenoble we heard Over My Shoulder as an extra song, absolutely love the song and this time Mika asked his friend Alex to join him. It was special to hear something different, cool that he asked and so cool that his friend agreed to come on stage even it seemed to be unplanned. The vid below. Thanks everyone I met in Grenoble, loved seeing familiar faces from Korea (please DM me the pics we took together after the show) and hope to see you all soon again!