Mika for Swatch: Mumu


I’m in love with the new Swatch designed by Mika and his sister Yasmine. It’s called Mumu and not sure if I love more the watch itself, the pretty box it came in – I will probably wear the watch for special occasions but can keep the box visible all the time – or the thought of Mika and his sister drawing in their kitchen (well maybe in their studio or other work space but I like the idea of the kitchen), creating all the details and putting so much work and thought behind this pretty, colorful thing. There’s a video on Swatch web page of making of Mumu, see it here.



I got my Mumu with a sweet signature in Lisbon. The pics below are from our little Mumu themed picnic party in Strasbourg organized by Miri and her mother (the stunning cake made by Miri herself!).