Mumu by Mika signing session in Milan, Italy


I was in Milan on my way to Cernobbio and decided to go to the Mumu signing session organized by Swatch at their local store. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard some events similar to this in other countries were hectic and of course I already knew that the celebrity culture in Italy is different from what I’m used to in my small Nordic home country.

I often worry about security arrangements in advance. I’m not worried for my own safety, I’m a bit scared of the security people. I want them to give polite instructions (which I’m happy to follow) and I want to feel they are there to protect me and the others and to keep the situation controlled and calm. Giving rude orders, coming too close or treating everyone as a security threat is always unpleasant.

The event turned out to be very well organized, I was impressed. I arrived (together with some other fans) to see a queuing area surrounded by barriers, calm and nicely dressed security and a stylish smiling lady, probably in charge of the store or the campaign, who greeted and guided me inside. I bought my Mumu and was explained that I could have it signed only if waited in the line until the official event in the evening. I told I’m happy to wait, got my number and joined the queue.

I was over-tired and not feeling well but the queueing went still smoothly. We could stay in the shade and use toilets and get coffee from cafes around the square as often as we liked. Mika arrived as scheduled. Some girls further away screamed a bit but it just made him look popular (everything was filmed). The whole situation was extremely organized. We got in the store in groups of ten and everyone had a possibility to get their boxes signed and exchange a few quick words with Mika.

I have met him many times during years so it doesn’t make me nervous but of course it’s always exciting. I like him and I’m not used to talk with him and even I know he can remember my face I’m still always a bit insecure if he can recognize me in a busy and crowded situation or not. After waiting for a while it was my turn and we greeted each other. He was kind. First he said something nice referring to something that happened earlier and it made me very happy. We told how tired we both were and looked, he signed the Mumu I had bought for my son and we exchanged a few more lines too random to explain.

I always dream that some day we will have a discussion not that random and I will say something if not smart at least normal. It could happen, it’s not that unrealistic. However, in this situation where he had to improvise discussions with 200 people and have something to say to everyone and I was so over-tired I could hardly remember my name, we both did fine. He was kind and sweet and I was happy to have that short meeting with him.

Thanks to Mika for being so polite and patient with people and to Swatch for organizing such pleasant circumstances. Sorry I don’t have more pics to share. There was a professional photographer but I didn’t ask a pic (I wasn’t feeling well and looked awful) and regretted it later. It’s rare to have a possibility like that, maybe some other time.