Quick updates: September


I bought a new laptop to replace my old broken one and for that reason gave some thought to my photo archive systems. Unfortunately I’ve lost originals for many of my old pictures because of being unorganized and because of bad quality disks/hard drives. To share more and to collect my photos to one more place I decided to finally open a Facebook page for my blog. If interested please find (and hopefully like) my page here. My new FB page will also be an easy way to reach me if needed. I’m planning to go through my old photos and move them to a cloud service and will post something on FB almost daily.

I don’t watermark my photos, I haven’t done it so far and I don’t plan to do it in the future. I know many fans do it and I understand why, it’s a photo credit issue. For me putting my own name or nickname on Mika’s beautiful face or next to it in photos just doesn’t feel right. Leaving pics clean from watermarks makes it also easier for people to save them as a memory from gigs. I’m always happy to see people using my pics, it makes me feel being a part of something.

However, I make a lot of effort taking and sharing my photos so I naturally appreciate if (now referring to especially Facebook) people share my original FB posts or at least mention the source instead of just copying pics and using them as their own. Unless your face happens to be in the pic of course, in that case feel free to share the photo as you like. It’s my gift to you and it was pleasure to be there that moment and take a picture of it. Likewise, if you don’t feel comfortable seeing your face on my Facebook albums just let me know.

The tour is over so I’m planning to write a few posts about my current favorite songs along building the new page. This month it will be 7 years since The Boy Who Knew Too Much was out so I’m going through some promotional gigs related to the TBWKTM album launching. Also, it’s been 4 years since The Origin Of Love was out so keeping that in mind while organizing pics as well. I wish we had some information about what’s happening in the future, waiting for that. Meanwhile take care xxx