Experiencing sounds


I’ve spent time at home in a flu reading all kind of random stuff and this airport ranking list made me laugh as I immediately picked numbers 15 and 39 as my nightmares. Rare things are as disturbing as “people who make little noises with their mouth”.

I have a highly sensitive hearing so I have issues with certain sounds on daily basis as they give me an extremely strong, physical reaction. It’s not like having the usual goosebumps or hating the chalkboard sounds. It’s tiny, casual sounds making me want to vomit or irritating me so much I feel my head explodes and I just have to leave the room.

I’ve noticed this kind of sensitivity has become more known lately. For me it’s not as dramatic as it seems to be for some other people. I can quite easily avoid too many situations with disturbing sounds and enjoy spending time at home. My home is quiet and my family very understanding. Luckily I don’t need to work in an office or travel regularly during rush hours!

This doesn’t much affect my concert experiences either, I find loud voices easy to handle. Small everyday sounds are the worst. Whispering or moving a glass on a wooden table make me almost vomit. Repetitive sounds (like bouncing a ball or clicking something) and distant, unclear gadget sounds are difficult to handle. Sometimes I can’t make a sentence to politely ask the person to stop the sound, I just automatically ask “who’s making the noise?”. For some reason I need to be sure where it comes from.

I’ve never much listened to music. I enjoy beautiful songs and have a pleasant feeling listening to them. I love their stories and clever lyrics. The problem is usually the singer’s voice. Many female voices are cold and metallic and feel bad for that reason. The breathing can be very disturbing. I can hear it and pay all my attention to it.

Usually my physical reaction to sounds is negative. When I heard Mika’s voice for the first time I felt an equally strong, opposite feeling. I felt love, pure joy and happiness. I could literally feel how a warm, happy feeling filled my chest. I didn’t know how he looked or what kind of person he was but I was sure that someone with that kind of voice must be special. And I was right. He is kind, thoughtful and very intelligent and I soon fell in love with the world his songs create.

I can easily point out which exact part of his voice is my favorite, it’s his soft, lower voice. This is the first time I’ve ever loved any sound this much. I love listening to happy family sounds but I think it’s because I love the source of these sounds. This time the voice came first and it was such a powerful experience. I’m grateful every time I can hear and experience it again!

To my surprise the orchestra music in the sinfonia pop concerts had almost equally powerful effect. I was astonished. So this is how people experience symphony music! I was suddenly transferred into a new place, song after song. I could not only hear, I could see, smell, taste and feel everything in my body. The whole orchestra played in a natural, harmonious way, everything was like it is supposed to be, nothing was out of place and I could just focus on the singing.

I could feel the music in my every muscle and I still can every time I listen to the album one song at a time. Only one because after breathing and feeling the song my body is exhausted! I’ve written several posts about the symphony concerts in Montreal and Como. Amazing nights, looking forward to Florence now xxx