Songs: Collage Edition


I was writing a rambling post describing songs and needed something to illustrate it so I decided to do collages using photos, magazine articles and everything else that seemed to fit. I had clear ideas for these collages, I really did, but my artistic skills are very pre-school level so I’m not sure if it’s always possible to see the thought behind. I still added the pics. The collages and this text complete each other so if time please check them both.

For some reason I started with Lola. It’s not one of the most important Mika songs for me but I do like it a lot and saw a couple of fashion pics in my favorite color that reminded me of Lola and started with them. Autumn is my favorite season and watching this collage makes me want to travel somewhere bright and beautiful, maybe New York, to go to a small club and listen to Mika playing piano and singing songs like Lola. It doesn’t seem to happen this year but I would really enjoy it. It would be perfect for October.


I used a lot of time and thought to put together the collage for No Place In Heaven and it’s my own favorite of these all. The left side of the collage is dedicated to the year 2009 and the right side to 2015. I can remember Mika gave some vague interviews about his sexuality in 2009. Most fans thought and assumed he is gay since the beginning – his songs refer to it and he has never hide it any way – but he felt very uncomfortable talking about it and respecting that his fans didn’t talk about it either.

I might be old-fashioned with privacy issues but making this collage made me almost feel like stepping into the area that doesn’t belong to me at all even it’s just a few magazine clips and quotes of the song gathered together. I wouldn’t be disrespectful on purpose, everything in this blog is said and done with love. I like this collage even it looks like an artwork by a pre-schooler because at the same time it shows both evolving and continuity. So much has changed during these years. On the other hand, I took the pic of the colorful house in Berlin 2009 and could use it in my collage 2016 for a song released one year earlier.

No Place In Heaven is one of my three dearest Mika songs. It has a genuinely personal feel and all the elements of a good song (melody, lyrics, theme). It also has a lot of soft, pretty singing I personaly love and enjoy. This was a challenging song for Mika to sing live at first and it looked to me he was fighting against the song before finally going to the natural direction of it. This a strong song and works better going inside of it instead of building something around it. I loved the versions we heard in France in July, absolutely beautiful.

Last Party is my another big – maybe even the biggest – favorite of all the songs Mika has done. It’s a good song on many levels but for me the melody and his voice are what makes it so important. It’s my favorite kind of singing and sounds like gently explaining something very serious. Serious things are better told in a gentle way, I could spend all my days listening to singing exactly like this.

The lyrics in Last Party work on two levels. I want to be able to relate to songs immediately, the message needs to be clear and easily transferred to real life which is the case here. There will be the day for bad news, for all of us, before that it’s all party. There’s a specific story on the background (important) and the song is dedicated to Freddie Mercury. Every good song has something to go deeper.

I could feel Last Party the moment I heard it for the first time and it touches me so much I practically burst in tears as soon I hear the piano in the beginning. Life can be so sweet. And then it can be heart-breaking. I don’t have words for it. I didn’t have an image to put on paper either. I love Last Party the same way I love Relax but somehow I always hope it would be kept as it is, my mind adapts to different versions of Relax much more easily.


I’ve always seen I Only Love You When I’m Drunk as a situation where someone realizes – maybe a bit pressured – that the love to another person works only in certain, ideal circumstances or in their own terms and want to be clear with that before the commitment is done. The melody makes the song funny and light and the album version with “wedding bells” creating panic in the beginning is cheerful but the final tone is serious, almost heavy. Like we are talking about a fact and not only a silly fear of commitment in the air. The wine circles on the paper are meant to be sad.

For the collage I used a B & W photo taken at Scala club because I connected it to alcohol. I thought the three wine circles could have a double meaning referring to either an extra person or just an extra glass and too much drinking. I asked my husband to buy some Barolo wine and told I need it for my collage and he promised to bring a bottle on his way home. I loved it that he didn’t question if the wine really needs to be that one, it’s one of the reasons I married him. I don’t need to explain everything all the time. I enjoyed having that detail right and it made me think how much I enjoy Mika shows because of the amount of effort he is ready to make to have things right.


I made a collage for We Are Golden only to be able to use the glitter pic I took in Japan. I’ve learnt to enjoy this song live a lot even I don’t feel close with the theme. I can’t remember my teenage years well, that wasn’t an important phase in my life at all. I like it how Mika is throwing the glitter in the photo and I used tiny golden stars for my collage and have now those stars all over my house. Even my dog is covered with golden stars. I made the collage for Rain after We Are Golden. I wanted to fill the Rain collage with letters to make it look like the vibe in the song so full of “this thing is coming to the end” feelings.


I might make a collage for Boum Boum Boum later. I adore the live version of this song. It has a light and happy sexy vibe which is rare to find in music, films or basically anywhere in today’s world where everything sex related is industrial and aimed to be consumed in an addicted way. This song offers a lovely live moment, it’s gentle, a little bit uncontrolled and makes me smile every time.

I can’t understand the lyrics and in this case I don’t mind, it’s almost an advantage. I focus only on the singing and melody and not a single word can disturb it. I’m picky with words. I’ve disliked some everyday Finnish words since I was a child. I never use them and wish no one else used them as well. My childhood family teased me with those words but my husband is so thoughtful he avoids them. I’m almost embarrassed to tell that I’m so spoilt and lucky I have someone who avoids the words I don’t like.

I really enjoy the BBB atmosphere created by the voice and melody, it’s different than in any other Mika song and makes the song feel a special treat every time we hear it. Even when it’s performed several nights in row I always think that we – as an audience – got something extra. It offers material for interaction between Mika and the audience and the joking is funny but I prefer the chatting kept short instead of a long monologue. The piano in the beginning is incredibly pretty, always one of the highlights.


See the merman in my Underwater collage above? This is an emotional song but I didn’t feel like going deep and serious and wanted to do something light instead so I created a merman and added a few ocean facts around it. Have you seen a water character this gorgeous lately? I don’t think so. I was very pleased how it turned out. I have a few more collages left so I might do another collage post later. xxx