The Art of Song

The Art of Song shows Mika has done for BBC radio 2 lately have been the highlights of my spring. These three episodes in April are continuing the series he did last year and focusing on three different artists one artist per week: Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson. It’s been interesting to learn to know more about these famous artists and get deeper information about their production and lives.

Fingers crossed there will be more episodes in the future because Mika is amazingly good at this. Telling stories, adding personal anecdotes here and there and playing music, choosing unforgettable, big songs many people have a relationship with and – as the best part of the show of course – singing each time a cover or two at the Elton John piano. I love listening to his soothing voice and had hoped to hear him on the radio since those lovely early podcasts we heard years ago.

I can’t compare listening to a radio show to different television shows I’ve seen, of course. Television shows like The Voice and Casa Mika are recorded in front of a live studio audience and I’ve often been lucky to be there and seen how it’s done and experienced everything live. On the other hand, these radio shows are in English and the concept is everything fans can hope for. No guest speakers, just Mika telling interesting stories about music, playing everyone’s favorite songs and doing at least one acoustic cover each time.

His cover of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides is my favorite of all these Art of Song covers so far. The funny thing is that I didn’t expect that at all. I have no personal connection with Joni Mitchell’s music so I can’t find it comforting the way someone who grew up with it can. However, the cover is absolutely stunning. I can’t even imagine Mika sounding better than this. Such a beautiful, simple and calming version. I’ve been listening to the song as the first thing every morning the past week and started my days happy.

I love the little stories related to the cover. In the first one Mika tells how Joni Mitchell wrote the song watching clouds on a plane (I love watching clouds and couldn’t resist adding the cloud pic above, it makes me smile) and in the second one about himself crying on planes and it was one of the funniest and cutest things I’ve heard lately. Obviously, you must hear it yourself, it can’t be explained.

Links below, a huge thank you to Eriko once again for keeping us updated with these clips.

Carole King episode

Joni Mitchell episode

Harry Nilsson episode