Favorites list: gigs

I read some old entries and soon realized how much I miss traveling. I’ve travelled crazy amounts during the past few years and loved every moment. I travel actually more than it looks because most times I travel back and forth to see my family between the gigs. Sometimes I do three gigs during one week and travel back to Helsinki after every gig and it’s a lot of sitting in planes and trains but I like it and don’t mind it at all. In the future my traveling will probably be easier because my boys are getting older and don’t seem to need me as full-time as so far.

The next thing I thought was how much I’ve loved every gig I’ve seen. I don’t much hide my love and it’s growing day by day and the first collage is referring to that. Even my family seems to think it’s something totally natural and they listen to me talking about Mika and his music like he was a distant relative who we don’t actually know but obviously still have a reason to be very proud of.

I wanted to do “my favorite gigs list” but it was surprisingly difficult. My memories are a mix of personal feelings not only related to music and performances but also to traveling, people and many special details I connect to different gigs. This and this day came to mind as examples of my favorite Mika related days with small intimate gigs in the both evenings. This day didn’t include a gig but is still one of my dearest memories.

It’s safe to say that Mika symphony concerts and his collaborations with Simon Leclerc have been my favorites of many different collaborations Mika has done during years. The circumstances for symphony concerts are unique and special every time and I can’t pick only one as my favorite and would say I just generally love the concept ( here is my report from Como and the blog post I wrote about the symphony album).

Listening to Mika at his piano at tiny venues comes very high at my list after that and I’m loving new The Art of Song covers and hope there will be something similar like the Intimate US tour (2013) in the future. The interaction between Mika and his audience at small club style gigs is warm, lovely and very special and I’ve seen also many other memorable small gigs both in the US and in Europe and even in my home town Helsinki.

It’s still important to see also colorful, high-energy band gigs and proper tours with many details and well-thought stage settings. I can so well remember the happy feeling I had after the first Heaven Tour gig in Rennes or the high-energy and cheerful gig in Strasbourg. Even some festival settings like the one with paintings and historical costumes have been extremely memorable and are definitely worth mentioning on my list.

I’m always super proud when Mika is doing high-quality headlining performances at massive old-school and well-known festivals like he did at Paleo or Sziget or Ostrava Colors and would never skip big and important one time only events like PDP or Bercy which both involved a huge amount of work, planning and personal investment from him and were not only big moments that time but also considering Mika’s whole career.

In the second collage the heart balloons are symbolizing love and not real balloons of course (I mean you release your balloons and they are gone forever). I don’t like the idea of forcing people to anything or setting them demands or limits and was thinking of that while doing the collage. The result is always better if people feel they are free to do what they want and if something doesn’t happen it was not supposed to. A little bit off topic but I still added the collage above. xxx