Sunday blogs: spectacles

I can feel the lack of Mika gigs in my stomach. I’ve had this feeling before so I can recognize it. It’s not the waiting, I can be rational with that. It’s the uncertainty. I’ve never liked not knowing.

I enjoy live music in general so a couple of days ago I went to see a concert by a local artist I like. It was a huge, special celebration gig and made me very touched. Not just as a concert even everything went well but as an overview to someone’s career and whole life as an artist. What touched me most was the way this artist seemed to value both the opportunity to perform at the legendary venue and the crowd sharing the event with him.

Seeing this one of the kind anniversary concert made me automatically think of Mika and his big shows at PDP and Bercy and how grateful I am for seeing them both. Massive, special spectacles are rarely the best ever concerts (there’s too much pressure and expectations for that) but can have and often do have a huge personal meaning for the artist. For a fan it’s like seeing someone’s career and life-long dreams in two hours. If everything goes well and these people put their hearts and personality into the show we can see them not only as artists but also as persons and maybe even children they once were. This is what I thought while watching the Bercy show. I imagined Mika as a child. The dreams he had.

I discovered the local artist I mentioned a few years ago because of his story-telling skills. I went to see a gig after listening to his lyrics, enjoyed it and have seen several gigs after that. I was impressed by his professionalism both with the audience and as a musician. I don’t know much about music but have seen many artists and bands on stage and can recognize when people know what they are doing. I love watching Mika’s musicians as well and I’m always impressed by them and especially by the ones who ask only little attention but take a lot of responsibility. Watching Curtis taking his guitar and joining the wild playing during Love Today (in the middle of being busy in every way) is one my favorite moments during every gig.

The artist I saw the other day is known as a private, introverted person which seems typical for many artists even it feels paradoxical while watching how confident they look on stage. Sometimes people are born to be on stage. What happens outside it doesn’t matter, on stage they can be whatever they like. Sometimes artists learn to be good performers during time simply because they have to (to be able to make music). I’ve always seen Mika in the first group and thought performing is an instinct for him but of course he has come a long way during the past ten years as well.

Reading people and their reactions and connecting with the audience may start from natural sensitivity but to really value the audience and to truly understand the meaning of the crowd comes only after hard times when it’s clear not only how it feels to work for success but how it feels to work for it and still not achieve it. When it’s not taken for granted that people will show up. So cruel but also an important part of growing as an artist. I couldn’t help but thinking about all this while enjoying the music the other night.

Usually it’s all about music but these big, special shows make me emotional in many other ways as well. I love watching how artists shamelessly do something they have always wanted to do, no matter how grand it is and even if it means taking a risk of not everyone understanding them. I love watching them taking time to value the moment, the possibility to be on that particular stage that particular time and the audience around them. Something so easy to forget at regular gigs.

We are all lucky every single time we can share a gig experience together. Can’t wait to do it again. Sending love xxx