How music makes me feel

There’s a summer competition on Mika’s FB page with the theme “how Mika’s music makes you feel” and I’m not feeling creative enough to take part but still liked the idea of people sharing their love and wanted to write a few words about the topic and made a collage above putting together some lyrics and think it sums up my feelings.

Mika’s music is huge part of my life and obviously gives me strong emotions. I enjoy especially live music, for several reasons. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and concerts offer a safe, healthy way to get loads of it. Waiting for the moment, gathering together and sharing energy with like-minded people, gradually feeling the excitement coming from the stage and finally experiencing the music taking over the whole audience like a giant wave. There’re no words to describe it all. I can feel it my whole body, in my every muscle.

I enjoy observing as well. Watching people doing their work on stage, seeing the chemistry, paying attention to every detail and following how the show develops during the tour. Every song has a story and just knowing it feeds my imagination. I enjoy traveling and different cultures and feel amazed to watch how music brings us together time after time, concert after concert.

Listening to the singing is the most important part of the experience of course. That moment there’s nothing else in the world. Anxiety, tiredness, whatever was disturbing me is gone. I feel harmonious and happily aware how different and extremely beautiful the world suddenly looks. It’s a blissful moment, I can travel as far as it takes to experience it.

I carry the feeling back home with me and start noticing details and colors and feel a powerful urge to do something new and different and surprisingly have also energy for that. Sometimes I travel between gigs just to see his face to be reminded of his universe but I listen to Mika’s music at home as well. Not in my car or on the background (it’s too important for that) but for comfort and choosing songs carefully. Usually something soothing, maybe something I can’t hear at gigs.

What I particularly love in a live concert situation is how real it shows the artist. I used to think artists are more themselves outside the stage (naturally, because on stage they are performing or even acting a role) but I’ve learnt it’s the other way around. Stage is the place where they have to face everything exactly as they are.

It’s rare moments when any of us can be who we really are and not pretend anything. That’s not because people are generally fake but because this is how our society works. There are rules that tell us what to do and ignoring them can mean no job, no money, no status, no access, no friends or no likings in social media. People say things they don’t mean, pretend to care, are aware of opinions and try to fulfill expectations whether they want all that or not.

And those expectations can follow artists on stage but when the performance is extraordinary good, when the artist is truly inside the song, focused on the music and feeling pure enjoyment of being on stage there’s no space for them any more. There’s only that particular moment and the openness with no possibility to be distant, that’s not even an option. And it’s somehow so real. Well it’s as real as it can be.

Being able to experience all that is one of the biggest luxuries in life. I feel grateful to have this music in my life. xxx