Sound of an Orchestra

I can’t think any better way to celebrate the first Friday of the year than listening to a new Mika song. Sound of an Orchestra was written for a new Italian television series La compagnia del cigno but also released worldwide and that way meant for all of us to enjoy.

Hearing the first tiny promo clip didn’t make me as excited as I had thought in advance it would. The first small music part felt something to breath through. Something catchy and light written just for television, a little bit like It’s My House which for me had a bigger meaning and purpose representing Casa Mika than as a song of its own (still loved that of course).

Then I read the lyrics for Sound of an Orchestra and they were incredibly pretty and meaningful. Extremely meaningful.

Then I heard the whole song and it made me so happy I cried.

I cried and had to walk around the house like I do when something is almost overwhelming and I can’t find the right words and I simply can’t stay still. I walked so much my family almost lost their patience with me. I woke up this morning and started my walk again. My heart is bursting with happiness with this song. Such beautiful, beautiful singing. Mika’s voice goes up and down and up and down and up and down again and again and it’s so wonderful I almost can’t handle it. His voice is so expressive I can picture his face singing every second of the song.

I can relate to this song so well. Sounds have an important role in my life, in good and bad. I need a lot of silence around me and outside of the silence even tiniest sounds can have a huge effect on me. My internal sound detector is constantly scanning everything around me ready to cause an immediate reaction and I can hardly understand what’s going on when it’s happening already. My body reacts to Mika’s voice in a very physical way. His voice is familiar and safe so my muscles can relax and I can feel in my chest how my heart is filled with love and happiness. It’s like my body had sensors that are there just to react to his singing.

I love the instruments in the beginning of the song. So cute and playful. And I love a hundred people playing and it’s just for me part, that’s an amazing thought of course, but my favorite part is the one that starts “before you even say”. His beautiful voice in it makes me think the final step to a free fall and I really love that. And I like how the song ends with a very quick smile. I don’t need to think about it, I just automatically smile back. xxx