I loved this Luxembourg gig. Loved loved loved it. My favorite kind of Mika gigs. Not as exciting as the first show of the tour in Rennes was (the biggest excitement for years) but warm, cozy and small. I love it when Mika is close to the audience. The stage was tiny so there was no space for anything else except him and the band. No stage setting or even background, just Mika singing and chatting to the audience the band having fun around him. I didn’t take many photos, I didn’t want to put my camera between us and I loved it that he left his microphone in the end of Happy Ending and sang a bit without it, it was absolutely beautiful and that way there was nothing between his voice and the audience either.

He took a lot of contact with the crowd like he often does at intimate gigs like this. I couldn’t understand his chatting in French but really enjoyed the atmosphere. In the end of Boum Boum Boum he suddenly pointed me asking me on stage. It was very unexpected. I have a horrible stage fear and going on stage even for a short moment without knowing what’s going to happen felt absolutely terrifying. I messaged him “no” but he did some demanding gestures with his  fingers and I said “nooo” again and then he quickly grabbed Karin on stage instead.

Hahah at least I made her happy! She enjoyed her time on stage and getting some cool dancing photos with Mika but I felt a bit bad afterwards. Fans are supposed to play along  during gigs, I wasn’t sure if he likes people saying no. He asks fans on stage quite often and those moments are meant to be really special. Usually fans are dying to be there! I’m such a failure… How to explain that just having the possibility made me happy? Luckily he said later it was just funny. Maybe I will get over my stage fear someday. I’ve been on stage during previous tours (that time we all knew what was going to happen) and survived and had a wonderful experience.

The set list for Luxembourg:

  • No Place In Heaven
  • Big Girl
  • Good Wife
  • Grace Kelly
  • Boum Boum Boum
  • Talk About You
  • Good Guys
  • Origin Of Love
  • Relax
  • L’amour
  • Staring At The Sun
  • Promiseland
  • Underwater
  • Elle Me Dit
  • Happy Ending
  • Love Today
  • Last Party

He skipped Golden and Lollipop in the end. During Promiseland he took a crown Karin gave him and was wearing it half of the show and told little stories that it brought to his mind (couldn’t understand but got translations later).  I can’t tell any favorites like I usually do, loved every song and really enjoyed this intimate gig. Cristina and her husband were kind and drove us to our hotel after he show so we didn’t have to look for a taxi. Such dodgy neighborhood in the center, full of prostitutes and dealers. What a great night to remember. Thanks everyone involved xx


Forest National in Brussels was one of the biggest venues of the tour and people were waiting in several lines to get in. Luckily the security opened the doors at the same time and I ended up being one of the first people going in. I was hurrying to get a good spot after my ticket was checked already twice but was suddenly stopped for another check and asked to wait until 15-20 random people had gone in first. However, got in eventually and managed to go front left so no harm was done.

Really couldn’t wait the show to start! I was also looking forward to the supporting act. For this tour Mika has Citizens supporting him and I really like them. We can’t hear them well enough so haven’t heard the lyrics properly but I already recognize their songs and like them. So nice he has a proper supporting band!

Forest National had a big enough stage for the whole new setting so I could see it for the third time. It does look gorgeous! This time there’s no balloons or confetti, just the beautiful stage design. The caravan is extremely clever and I was happy to be in front of it to see it properly and tried to carefully focus on the beginning and No Place On Heaven which was absolutely lovely and made me want to hear more of it.

He has already done some little changes/added new details to some of the songs. This is why I love doing several gigs during the tour, the show evolves during just a few weeks! He started Grace Kelly slowly with Max (I heard he did the same in Amsterdam but wasn’t there to hear it). Relax was different than usually but not totally sure what he was doing with it as it’s such an emotional song for me and makes me in tears whenever I hear it these days.

There’s a new guitarist in the band and I’ve been holding my breath for him. He’s young and been a bit scared but now gotten a permission – or an order – to party as he was more relaxed and had a lot of fun on stage last night. It was adorable! Everything seemed so exciting and new for him! Max did his funny dancing over the stage and joined him and during Love Today Curtis took his guitar as well and ”the boys” played together and it was one of the highlights of the gig for me, I’ve always loved how the band plays Love Today.

Promiseland is like a different song performed live. There’s not the same determination we can hear in the album version but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it’s just different and also getting better gig after gig. I love the dance part and the audience in Brussels gave it a good response. Boum Boum Boum was entertaining as always and because we were in a French speaking country we heard also L’amour which is actually a very funny song, liking the live version more and more.

The audience was generally good and Mika was in a good mood or at least made things look like that. He is professional that way so I can’t always be sure. The energy felt very real and people were happy and smiling after the show. Afterwards he signed a few things to fans and I was happy I could say a quick thank you to him, that doesn’t happen so often these days. He said he had seen me at the first night. So sweet and a bit embarrassing for me that he could remember. I loved the first show so much I couldn’t help but showing my love and smiling from the beginning to the end of the show.

I’m still happy after seeing the new show three times and could swear the world has colors and shades I somehow couldn’t see before. Fabulous, creative setting and beautiful, addictive new songs. The setlist is long and that way difficult for him to sing night after night so we shouldn’t be disappointed if he has to shorten it. Busy tour schedules are always hard but so far everything looks good. A small photo gallery below. The guy in a couple of pics is the one who designed the set from Studio Job (please correct if I’m wrong, I can’t understand French).








Mika performed at Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren on Friday so I flied to Dusseldorf on Thursday and travelled to Belgium by car on Friday with my gig traveling friends Saskia and Karin. It was great to meet so many French, Belgian and Dutch fans I haven’t met for a while. A huge thank you to everyone and especially to Saskia for being such an amazing host and making me feel so welcome. Can’t wait to see everyone soon again!

The festival opened at seven and started with a local rap performance, continued first with a punk band, then singer-songwriter style with Milow and then finally with Mika and even a dj after him. The line-up was quite strange put together and most people in the audience seemed to be there for the event, not just for one particular artist or band. The stage was very high – at least twice as high as usually – and I spent an hour walking around and trying to choose the the best spot in the audience. The best view was obviously from the middle of the square but I had my camera with me so eventually decided to stay front and take a few pics even I couldn’t see the whole stage from there.

I felt tired so I focused on every artist on stage (it’s always the best way stay awake) and was puzzled how different they all were compared to each other. The rap band was arrogant and had their twenty best friends on stage with them like rap artists always do. They were also quite rude throwing bottles to the audience so I didn’t like the vibe and neither did the majority of the audience but they had their own fans dancing in the middle of the field. The punk band was awesome, very positive and friendly and the audience generally liked them. Milow is actually a good artist and I had looked forward seeing him live but would have preferred seeing him on stage earlier and felt already a bit sleepy during his performance. Then it was finally time for Mika and I was happy to see him and suddenly felt totally awake and energetic.

Every artist/band had the same amount of time for their performance meaning Mika did his short festival set and was just one of the acts instead of a proper headliner even he was the last one to perform (at least before the dj part). He didn’t start as sharply as he did in Ostrava and the audience warmed up slowly so the performance felt a bit too short even it got better during every song like it always does. I had a feeling he didn’t even try to go for the best possible impact and was aiming just for a good, standard festival performance which he successfully did.

He didn’t do many songs from the new album, there was not enough time for that. I know many fans were disappointed because of that but I hadn’t expected many new songs in an event like this and was actually very pleased with the show and just enjoyed and danced and focused on the two things I always focus on during every Mika show.

I always do my best to forget everything around me and concentrate on and listen to very carefully the most important songs. No matter where I am and what the circumstances are – a concert hall, an intimate club, a muddy festival field – to see Mika live and close in front me singing songs like Happy Ending, Underwater or Last Party is a huge privilege. Being able to be there makes me a privileged, lucky person and would be ungrateful from me not to concentrate on and fully enjoy every second. It’s actually very easy, I just focus on the moment and always love it and this gig wasn’t an exception.

Also, I always look for something that is special for that particular show. Something to remember later and something that separates the show from every other show I’ve seen. It took me practically three days to travel abroad to see this a bit more than one hour show and traveling from my country is always expensive. Would be waste of my time and money not to make every trip memorable and not to find something unique from every gig to remember afterwards.

This time it was definitely Staring At The Sun. I saw the new beautiful video earlier that day and loved it how they had managed to catch the same atmosphere (with lights) in the live performance and really enjoyed the song. It was definitely Happy Ending and Mika’s face when he realized the audience just kept singing the song. And it was definitely Love Today in the end when the band was finally playing the mad look in their eyes and the audience was finally jumping crazy and the confetti rain ended everything too soon but still as well as possible. Those carefree seconds of simple, childlike happiness. If I could stop time for a while I would have done it during that confetti rain.


It was lovely to have a “Mika day” and it reminded me of some wonderful promotion gig days years ago. I arrived Brussels late Wednesday night a bit stressed and unsure. It was very difficult to find a ticket for the actual show on Thursday night. My friend who lives in Belgium worked weeks to find me one. She bought me prepaid mobile cards to participate the competition and talked to all her friends and colleagues asking them to take part. So many people did, even they don’t even know me. I didn’t manage to win but still wrote “Mobistar” in my calendar and my friend promised to continue looking for someone who has tickets and is willing to take me to the gig. She found me a ticket last minute. Unfortunately the person who won couldn’t go with me meaning I had a ticket but wasn’t sure it would help me in. I was happy to read about the signing session organized in Liege the same day because that way I could still at least see Mika even if I wasn’t lucky with my ticket.

The noisy hotel I had booked as an affordable option looked awful and had stained sheets and ceiling mirrors. I couldn’t sleep but still didn’t feel tired in the morning and took a train to Liege and found the Mobistar store with barriers and green carpets ready for the signing session and a small group of people already queuing. Everything was really nice, calm and carefully organized. The staff was smiling and gave 50 first people a free album and started to let us in (in small groups) around 1 pm. We were taken upstairs into a big airy room. I don’t have any pictures of the signing session (we were asked not to take photos inside) but if interested see some photos on the event company’s FB page here.

Everything went really well. No one was pushing, people were polite and waited for their turn and Mika was kind as always, giving his smiling attention to everyone. I wasn’t sure if I should sit or not but he offered me a seat and was really sweet. I thought (once again) that I really need to work with my discussion skills. I’m always trying not to ask him too many questions (there are so many questions I would love to ask him but fan meetings are supposed to be like nice little chats, not investigations). However, l can’t stop the most random, unimportant words coming out from my mouth. Luckily he went to the point and told about writing songs with a Finnish song-writer which naturally made me very excited (he had mentioned it in interviews but I wasn’t sure if it was true or simply a mistake/misunderstanding). Never ever thought something like this could happen and I really can’t wait the album to hear the result.

One of the guys working for the event company listened to my worries and helped fixing the problem with my ticket. I was so pleased the event was so well organized. Everything went perfectly without a moment of chaos. I went back to Brussels with the Belgian and French girls (Thanks Isa for driving me!) and people got in to the venue very smoothly.



I already wrote a quick update about the show, see it here. It still sounds a bit over-excited and I can still feel the after concert euphoria. To be honest I was surprised the gig was that good. In Napoli I got the impression he couldn’t actually remember his usual stage routines, simply because he hasn’t been on stage much. I wasn’t sure what to expect in Brussels.

It turned out to be a fantastic gig. He didn’t have his full regular band and he was obviously avoiding higher parts during some songs but he sounded really good and seemed to enjoy performing. I couldn’t help but smiling through the gig, I really enjoyed it. He added many new details to his old songs and it sounds like a little thing but means a lot because it gave the feeling he’s been thinking about his own music again. Loved it that he decided to speak English and that I could enjoy his chatting and jokes again after so many French and Italian events.

The gig was streamed (thanks to Lara and Eriko it’s here) so it’s easy for everyone to watch and experience again and again. I was so happy to hear Toy Boy in the beginning that I could hardly breath. Loved Blue Eyes and Origin. Almost cried when he started Relax with piano (my very favorite part of all Mika songs). Hold my breath again during Underwater. LOVED Boum Boum Boum (knew it will be a fantastic live song). Was super happy to hear Lola again. He couldn’t remember the lyrics first (I didn’t have an internet connection to offer him mobile) but finally got them. Adored piano intros and was really pleased he did Italian version of Lollipop because I actually like it. It’s playful and makes sense to sing it in Italian even to non-Italians, imo.

He looked gorgeous. He doesn’t seem to get any older. He was glowing and his red suit fit really nicely. I felt a bit sad when the gig ended and I realized it’s all over again. He was still in a good mood and really sweet and said good bye and everyone left smiling. It was a lovely day. I’m so grateful, thanks everyone who I met and who made it possible.




The Mobistar gig in Brussels last night felt almost as magical as the first concerts I ever saw even it was kind of an anniversary Mika show for me. His singing was like water for thirsty people, and I think Mika could sense the feeling from his fans. If someone thought he is losing his touch after talent shows or otherwise not in his best shape he/she was totally proved wrong as the show was absolutely fantastic. The whole day was definitely worth the effort and I haven’t seen that many happy faces for a long time. People working for Mobistar were super nice and everything was well organized, can’t give them credit enough. I’m planning to write a report about the whole day with the signing session etc but a few words about the gig while still high after the show.

Max and Ed had other commitments so two new band members, a bit messy of course. Mika forgot lyrics for one whole song but I didn’t mind (it’s a part of live shows, imo). He skipped the highest notes but his voice was still really good and he was definitely in his best and most energetic stage mood. He started with lovely Toy Boy, performed also Boum Boum Boum and did a lot of new details and little changes to his old songs and played beautiful piano intros for several songs. All very unexpected. I loved it! I haven’t seen him like this for ages. Feels so good know he is coming back. One of my favorite Mika related days, more details later. Thanks everyone who was there or helped other ways xx

Mika has designed his own clothing line for a Belgian clothing store JBC and I was lucky to see the introduction to the collection in their showcase in Brussels last night. Such a cool event! Loved watching the collection and his music performance after the fashion show. I was quite far away from the stage but had a great view to the models and took tons of pictures during the event, going to share some of them in a few separate post.

I was more interested in the men’s line (the colors and simplicity are more for my personal taste) but the women’s line is really pretty and feminine and very much “Yasmin style” (if you have seen Mika’s beautiful and stylish sister you know what I mean) and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting the impression she has been helping with the project. I wish we had seen her on stage with him!

The venue and the fans 

Den Atelier in Luxembourg was one of my favorite venues during the tour! Check it out here. It looks bigger in the pics but I can tell you, it’s t-i-n-y, really. Very small and club style. I was surprised to see a lot children in the audience. The crowd wasn’t partying the same way as at the Munich gig but it was loud and the atmosphere was good and warm. The stage was so small the setting could hardly fit on it and the band was playing everyone next to each other and in the end the choir was on stage less than planned. There was simply not enough space.

The queueing was relaxed and only a small group of fans arrived during the day. I flied from Copenhagen (long story, spent my night there), went to the venue and met Karin, Miri, Bubbles, Renate, Sabine, Ulrike, Fran and Kate. We spent the day chatting and Karin had brought a lot of material to use as “decoration” during Underwater and Nico (Bubbles) draw some funny fish characters that made us laugh the whole day. Hahah, so much fun and the result was hilarious. The gig was very international (beside locals there were fans from German, France, Belgium, Austria etc) and balloons, glow sticks and hearts on stage (made by French fans) added some extra color. The setting was extra simple though and Mika was wearing black trousers, white shirt and his green braces (striped socks belong to Curtis).

The show

The original set list for Luxembourg:
Relax (with a new beginning)
Blue Eyes
Billy Brown
Big Girl
Stuck In The Middle
Love Today
Elle Met Dit
Grace kelly
We Are Golden

Going trough the setlist with a few words. He started with the same short opening he already used in Paris. It’s exciting and fits really well with Relax (I felt it was a bit random with the slow and beautiful French Soleil song in Paris). Blue Eyes gives Tim a moment to be in a spot light (and as you know we ❤ him), it’s an interesting and elegant song and warms the audience for Lola which is kind of the same style but even better. Billy Brown is familiar for every single person in the audience and even it’s almost too familiar it really must be there and it’s the moment for the whole crowd to start to dance and sing along. Popular is another interesting and entertaining new song (I personally like both Lola and the live version for Popular a LOT) and makes people ready for two older high-energy songs Rain and Big Girl. I like the first part of the show, it’s nicely built as long as the first song is powerful enough (and Relax is).

The second part is slower and extremely beautiful. Stardust (the way he is doing it atm) is pretty and even quite tender, I love it! After that he is doing Underwater in a very emotional and powerful way (a bit like he used to do Any Other World earlier) and even I would like to hear it more gently I do understand his point because the audience takes it very well. Karen is always a treat (we can’t hear it often enough) and SITM ends the section in a perfect way. I must say I really, really like SITM the way it’s done these days, it’s very entertaining and I love it how he often chats a bit before the song and how Curtis is playing in it.

The third section is the best part of the show. This is the moment when the audience is totally awake and it never fails. Love Today is better than ever, it’s probably my very favorite part of the new show. You know the movie scenes where the main character is walking in the street in peace and in the middle of the totally calm moment and suddenly sees someone standing and leaning the building in front of him and turns around and there’s someone behind him too? And he is trying to find a way out and you realize something dangerous and final is going to happen? That’s the feeling you get when the band starts to play around him and it sounds really strong and I love it and the feeling goes well through the whole song and in the end tiny, shy Max is doing his victory dance on the piano and the audience starts to jump and it’s just AWESOME! Hahah, I’m so excited about this song. After that he starts Drunk and it’s one of those perfect moments to chat a bit and teach some cheerful choreographies to the audience (and Drunk is really as good live as I thought in advance). After Drunk it’s time for EMD and a serious party time (EMD is a success even when the crowd is not talking French). Origin is generally speaking the best song from the new album and it’s the highlight for the whole show with some balloons and hearts and after that people start to calm down with Celebrate and Grace Kelly.

In the end it’s time for the last two songs. In Luxembourg he skipped Lollipop but added Toy Boy with Max and I really enjoy hearing Toy Boy now even it wasn’t my favorite songs during the last proper tour. I like the structure of the setlist but of course I would love to see him adding some new songs like Step With Me to the first section and Kids to the second and maybe ending the third one with Heroes like he did in Paris. He didn’t do Happy Ending in Luxembourg at all. It a difficult song and his voice has been a bit tired lately, sometimes we can’t even hear him properly. It can be a technical issue too, but the sound was quite good in Lux and I have a few vids even I had only my poor camera with me (Stardust, Karen, SITM, Toy Boy below, I can’t understand what I thought when not filming UW, but don’t have it, sorry). Yes, that’s it I think. It was a good, small gig, I’m happy that I did it.




Toy Boy:

I saw Mika at Atelier in Luxembourg last night and really enjoyed the show (last one for me at the moment, more in December). I was in a horribly bad mood in the morning (my flights were cancelled and delayed, I had to stay over night alone in Copenhagen and I wasn’t feeling so well, my voice missing for 5 days already) but seeing familiar faces in Luxembourg was so much fun, the venue lovely and tiny and the staff working there incredibly friendly that I really started to look forward to the gig. The audience wasn’t a party one or super amazing (a lot of kids in the audience) but it was generally very good and the atmosphere was really warm. Mika seemed to be in a good mood, I couldn’t understand his chatting (in French) and not sure if he recognized me in front of him (he probably did, he can always recognize everyone) but I had a feeling he had a good contact with the crowd which was loud even so small (the venue capacity was max 800).

A few highlights from last night. We had an “underwater world” prepared for Underwater (German, Belgian etc fans brought fabric, paper and ribbons to make “waves” and different kind of fish) and it all looked really funny and he looked amused and stopped his singing to laugh for a moment in the beginning of the song (it’s definitely not a funny song so the effect was even more hilarious and the waves looked great even it was just random blue fabric and paper). I just couldn’t stop laughing, it was funny indeed. Also, I’m falling in love with some old songs again and again, the band makes them sound awesome, really. SITM is fantastic and I especially love Love Today and not sure how it’s possible but it’s better show after show (it looked Mika and the band felt like on fire during the song) and the combination of LT, Drunk and EMD makes the audience always go wild (the best part of the show, imo). He skipped Happy Ending on purpose again, maybe it’s a bit difficult at the moment, but Stardust, UW and Karen were all lovely and made it up. A great colorful show, more details later, now on my way home. xx

Writing only a short review but click the links to the videos I uploaded to see the atmosphere at the gig last night. Cirque Royal in Brussels looked a great venue with a good view from everywhere so Marion, Yulia and I decided to go to the lower seating area and we had a lot of fun watching the show and the reactions in the audience. It was special to see the interaction with Mika and the audience so well. The stage looked bigger than at the previous gigs I saw last week and the background had space for some more symbols: A big M, a heart, an apple, a snake and some drugs (symbolizing love as a drug I guess).

The audience was a bit sleepy at first. The Belgian crowd is known to be enthusiastic and my expectations for the audience were high. This time people warmed up a bit slower but got wilder when the show went on and in the end everything was as crazy as I had imagined in advance. Mika started with his new French song Un Soleil Mal Luné and it was a beautiful start for the show, I loved it. I didn’t realize he will start with it so it took me a while to understand what’s happening but it’s one of my favorite songs from the album and I was really happy to hear it live for the first time. Otherwise the setlist was similar as earlier. Stardust and UW were stunning but the audience woke up properly after hearing some high-energy songs like EMD and Love Today.

The highlight of the show was definitely red and white heart-shaped balloons waved by the audience (this was organized by some fans, well done you four!) and it looked fantastic during Drunk and Origin Of Love. Popular was relaxed and entertaining and it’s seriously becoming one of my favorite live songs even I didn’t like the album version as much as like the other songs. I took a few vids during the show, Origin, Drunk and Popular below. Mika wasn’t as chatty as he was in Copenhagen and he looked even a bit nervous at first but the more the crowd danced the more he seemed to enjoy the show (he had fun guiding some dance moves) and he looked almost touched because the heart sea looked so cool. I met a lot of old friends last night, thank you everyone! And I met lovely Fran for the first time, finally. It deserves a special mention.

Origin with balloons:



The venue and the fans

A few words about the venue. Paradiso was a lovely venue, very cozy and even smaller than I thought in advance. The only ”problem” was the extremely high stage. The front row had a very limited view and the stage was resonating (disturbing the sound a bit) but most of the audience had an excellent view and I assume that especially balconies and both sides (a couple of stairs higher than the rest of the floor) offered also a good place to take vids and photos. It was good to see familiar faces again! I uploaded a few photos above.

Mika and the show


I enjoyed seeing the new and very simple stage setting, just two big "light squares", one with big M and one with a heart and polkadots.  Mika and the band had their stylish simple outfits (black/grey trousers, white shirts, braces etc), very much my taste. The polkadot choir was dressed in white outfits with green polkadots (reminding me of the disc 2 of the deluxe album) and I must say I like the choir idea. It’s already a tradition to have fans on stage and the choir (chosen using audition vids) makes an entertaining addition to the show and is a nice way to have some social media publicity for the shows. The choir members seemed to have the time of their life and looked and sounded almost semi-professional after only very little rehearsing (well done everyone!).

Mika was jet lagged so he was tired in a funny, hyper-active way and his chatting was very entertaining and made the audience laugh. He slapped us (fans in the front row) on heads imitating amusement park hammer games (lol, so random!), joked with the band and danced in his own adorable style (which I love so much). He started the show with Blame It On the Girls which is a weird choice for the first song (imo). It’s probably the most boring song on the new setlist and would work better in the middle of the set so might be more useful to sacrifice Big Girl, Grace Kelly or even Rain in the beginning of the show as an option for Relax to wake up the audience (so LT, WAG, EMD and Celebrate could be saved as energetic highlights of the show).

The Original setlist looked like this:


Blue Eyes

Billy Brown





Big Girl




 Love Today




Happy Ending





He didn’t follow the original list but did Stardust and UW before SITM. I heard Stardust live for the first time and I absolutely loved it! My other favorites were Lola, Origin and especially LT and Love You When I’m Drunk, a fantastic energy in both of them. I loved how the boys played LT in a very strong way (okay, Tim is not a “boy” but I call them “the boys”). It’s difficult to explain but I will try to film LT in the near future to show what I mean, it was fantastic and I immediately paid attention. Hahah, Max was also super cute as usual when doing his tadadidadidum in the end of the song and looked really pleased and I bet Mika is a bit jealous because people love that part of the show.

Unfortunately the stage was resonating a bit during UW (my fav song) and the sound was not the best possible (but that was probably only very near the stage). I was worried in advance Mika is too jet lagged to perform his usual level but he did great and the gig was very funny and had an awesome vibe so I felt like partying and really enjoyed the show. I don’t have good quality photos or videos to share but I filmed Stardust to have a memory from the gig, see below.

I saw Mika at Paradiso, Amsterdam, last night and here is a short quick update. A typical, cold Amsterdam weather, lovely company and a small, cozy and intimate venue. A VERY high stage, simple and lovely stage setting, a good, high-energy audience and jet lagged, crazy, even a bit hysterical and very entertaining Mika.

The show was a bit different than usually. The stage was so high that it was at the same level as my nose so I was mostly watching Mika’s shoes (I considered going to the balcony but decided to stay with my friends at front). What can I say. Listening to Stardust live for the first time watching Mika’s beautiful black and white Louboutins is definitely not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

The show was great, Mika was as charming and funny as he can be and the audience was very responsive. I really enjoyed watching the polkadot choir and think it’s a fantastic idea. I recognized our very own Ingie, Monie and Mona Lisa and the whole choir did well. I don’t have many pics or vids but will write more details later. Thanks everyone for the lovely weekend!