Traveling, events, people: Caribana Festival in Switzerland, 6/2015

The view Had a beautiful day at Caribana Festival near Geneva on Sunday. Everything went well and was perfectly organized as always at Swiss festivals. The festival took a good care of people during the day making sure we had enough water, shadow, sunscreen and toilets available. The security was surprisingly strict during and after […]

Quick updates: Mika @ Rock Oz’Arènes Festival, Avenches, Switzerland

A fantastic, very emotional show in Switzerland night before Mika’s 30th birthday. I loved the show and have a lot of details to tell about it and the whole festival. The audience wished Happy Birthday exactly at midnight and after the show his fan club had a possibility to to give Mika his birthday gift. […]

Gig reviews: Mika @ Macka KüçükÇiftlik Park, Istanbul, March 2013

The city Istanbul is a beautiful city and a fascinating cultural mix, I loved the vibe and wish I could have spent a few more days walking around the city (and eating, the local food is fantastic…). The architectural view is breathtaking, and the atmosphere surprisingly European (making the city safe and easy for an […]