The Art of Song

The Art of Song shows Mika has done for BBC radio 2 lately have been the highlights of my spring. These three episodes in April are continuing the series he did last year and focusing on three different artists one artist per week: Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson. It’s been interesting to learn to […]

5D experience

The repacked edition for No Place In Heaven with the OSM concert recording was officially out on the 13th November. Many fans had already received their copy so I was eagerly waiting for the night shift courier to deliver my parcel on Friday night and so happy to finally hold the pretty package in my […]

Songs: Heroes

The kids in the hundreds tomorrow Will march through the door They’re fighting someone else’s war They’ll have so many stories to tell In exchange for a hero’s farewell   I wish I could I wish I could make you return And what if I’ll never discern As you walk to the toll of the […]