Favorites list

I did spring cleaning in my blog during the holidays and hope you like the result. I didn’t have time to go through everything so there’s still plenty of nonsense and maybe some links not working but I hope the overall look is cleaner and more organized now. Please let me know if something does’t […]

Sunday blogs: Casa Mika

It has never been only about music, we have always had a whole Mika universe. A surreal place full of colors, imagination, energy, love, joy and especially tolerance. His world has always had enough space for everyone and for every emotion, a happy mix of smile and tears. We have learnt to know his cartoonlike, […]

Ticket giveaway

I have a few extra tickets (which I don’t need for myself) for the upcoming tour and I thought it would be fun to give away a pair of tickets for a couple of sold out shows as a nice surprise for someone who didn’t manage to buy tickets or needs more for their friends […]

The very first post

Feels a good idea to start my new blog with a tiny historical review and tell how I discovered my favorite artist – London-based, Beirut-born singer-songwriter Mika – and his music. I knew the exact date already but by looking the pictures above I can tell even the exact time. The pics are captured from […]