The gig in London was like a party. My whole trip to London was very special. I traveled together with my family (my husband and two of my three sons) and we stayed from early Friday morning until late Tuesday night so we had several days to visit museums/science centres and enjoyed it all very much. The MFC meet up before the show was lovely! Approximately 100 fans from all over the world gathered together to have drinks and say hello to each other before heading to the venue and it was wonderful to meet everyone. A huge thank you to Deb for organizing the meeting and hope to see everyone soon again.

The theatre was absolutely beautiful. Theatres are my favorite type of venues and they match with Mika’s music and style incredibly well. I had so looked forward to this show and to be honest I couldn’t wait to see Mika on stage again. People might think it’s strange because I had just seen him but not in circumstances like this and not together with my family. I had waited for this particular gig for months and I generally miss seeing him on stage as soon as the previous gig is over. I can’t explain it.

My family had great seats in the middle of the second row of the royal circle and told later their view over the stage was perfect. My youngest boy loved the show and put the show on the top of his list so far (he already saw two shows in Paris and London in October) but my older son wasn’t feeling well and found the sound too loud to enjoy. Major bad mother moment after realizing I had dragged him there without ear plugs! It was a theatre so I didn’t expect the sound to be too loud (it really was louder than I had thought) and he is a teenager (15) already so I’m sure he will get over it.

I enormously enjoyed the whole night, can’t even describe it. From my point of view (after seeing several shows during the past two weeks) the show was formal and not as relaxed or spontaneous as some other shows I’ve seen lately. It almost gave the vibe Mika is a stranger in his own town but his performance was still excellent and very professional and I totally understand he wanted everything to be controlled as the show was streamed in China which is a huge thing both for Mika as an artist and for his fans in China.

The set list was brilliant. He skipped Boum Boum Boum to please his UK fans but otherwise we got everything we could possibly hope for and heard several special songs outside the regular list. Opening with Porcelaine was more impressive and interesting than Big Girl at previous gigs. Promiseland is a big fan favorite and definitely pleased everyone. Over My Shoulder with his friend Alex was absolutely stunning (brought back memories from the acoustic tour 2009) and Ordinary Man in the end rare and lovely special treat. This time my personal favorite was Relax with an interesting intro and explanation about writing the song. I so enjoyed his chatting and stories throughout the whole show, such a pleasure for once to be able to understand everything!

His voice was beautiful. I saw a periscope from Switzerland where he sounded like having a flu (not totally sure about that because I wasn’t there) but couldn’t hear that at all in London. The stage looked amazing and the lights were great (and didn’t blind at all). I didn’t expect the arc to fit on the Palladium stage but the stage was bigger than I had thought and the arc was there. The choir didn’t work. Maybe it was a favor for someone to let the group on stage, they took space and attention but didn’t add anything extra to the songs.

Confetti was fabulous! There was so much of it, more confetti than you can ever imagine! I want to remember that confetti moment forever. Even my husband was thrilled – the confetti reached even the audience up at the royal circle – and to quote his exact words “this time there was more of everything” and “the set list was better than ever” and “Mika was very brave singing in the middle of the crowd” (obviously along with the confetti rain one of the highlights for him).

I didn’t take many photos so I don’t have much to share. I love taking photos at gigs, it’s the only way to keep the gigs in order and my mind sane and over a longer time period it has a huge meaning to me to have the details documented. I’m still trying my best to be sensitive and choose suitable moments, to show that I appreciate the performance and not to disturb any delicate songs. This time I had a lovely spot in front close to the stage and I had so eagerly waited for this particular venue and gig that I just wanted to enjoy and focus on listening and watching. A few vids below.

A small blog post to document our lovely day in London. I arrived with my family from Paris by train. It was our first time using Eurostar, so comfortable and easy. We had an early tea, checked in to our hotel to have a quick shower and hurried to a pub near the theater to meet other fans before the show.

I stepped in the pub, was surrounded by familiar faces from all over the world and immediately realized how much I love the whole idea of having this community around me! I’ve loved these people as persons/groups and have a lot of friends in the Mika world but loving the thought of the massive community itself took me a while. With any online community you always get also things you didn’t ask. Complaining, negativity, arguments, online weirdos. It’s a lot to handle.

I’ve learnt to handle it. I don’t actually meet weirdos in real life. People are cool and amazing and meeting and learning to know them has made my life interesting and more colorful. If someone is complaining I just focus on the song playing in my head at the moment. If people argue, I add the volume for the music. Unpleasant things go always away.

So I stepped in the pub and got the warmest feeling while watching the familiar faces! I run to give hugs to the German girls who have recently given me the official adopted German status. This is the first time I kind of belong to any group so I’m thrilled and shyly whispered “from Germany” when people me asked where I’m from. I can understand some German but the German group speaks always English when I’m around which is incredibly polite and sweet.

I continued saying hello to my dear French and Italian friends and thought it’s lovely they want to come to meetings and be a part of the bigger community even they have also their own, smaller communities. I’m not a part of their local groups – I can’t speak their language – but we have shared many amazing gigs together and they have always helped me in every possible way and often include me in their plans. The pub was crowded and noisy but I tried to say quick hello to as many as I could while having a pretty, apricot color drink (that was an Italian thing).

It was impossible to have a chat with everyone and I’m sorry I missed so many people. I saw some UK fans I haven’t seen for a long time, had a little chat with Lara and Bodil and her family from Sweden and managed to quickly introduce my family to Deb who was busy hosting the party. Then waved to the Belgian and Dutch fans and had a group picture with the lovely Korean girls I met in Paris (knew Lasher of course in advance). I was wearing my favorite butterfly scarf I got as a birthday present from Eriko in Japan, got many compliments about it and thought of her several times during the night.

Then it was time to leave to the theater, get our tickets from the box office and have the usual See Ticket problems. This time I didn’t care about the problems because this was a seated gig and I could just walk to my front row seat my husband managed to buy me during the pre-sales (sent him loving thoughts to the upper part of the theater when I saw my seat). Such rare luxury to walk front row without queueing!

The theater was small and intimate. I had no idea it’s that small and was happy to see that my family at the Dress Circle had also a good view. The Citizens opened and this was the last possibility to see them before the tour was over. Their performance was great as always and was super sweet from them to mention Mika fans during it. Then it was time for Mika and everything was absolutely perfect. Definitely one of the most special shows I’ve ever experienced!

Well his voice was tired of course. The tour schedule was too hard. We all knew it from the beginning but for financial reasons they probably couldn’t do it any other way. The schedule left him no time to rest his voice or to take care of his health. I hold my breath during No Place In Heaven – could mostly hear only Max – but then everything was fine and the show went really well and I thought it was unbelievable he could do such an amazing concert in the end of the tour.

He looked so beautiful. I was totally fangurling during the whole the performance and as always adored the little swimming movements he does during many songs. He was wearing his firework Valentino with the stunning shiny details and I noticed the outfit looked already a bit messy after dancing and jumping. Only Mika can make his gorgeous Valentino suit look messy that quickly! I loved him even more for that. I like messy. Tidy, polished looks are more suitable for symphony concerts.

I also thought he looks like a proper adult. So much older than in his early days and it means I’ve already been there long enough to see him aging. What an amazing thought! I love seeing people aging and men get older so beautifully. I felt more love for that too. He is a lucky man. He can look messy and older and people still love him even more than they earlier did. I had assumed he is nervous but couldn’t see many signs of that.

Every song was somehow special with new arrangements, tones and details. I sometimes watch big, important events like shows in Paris or Milan from an outsider’s point of view. I feel enjoyment but also commitment and responsibility to see events that are important for Mika’s career. Smaller ones like this one at Adelphi are pure selfish pleasure. They make me so happy the world around the venue could collapse and I wouldn’t notice. Maybe it did, I can’t tell. I enjoyed every moment so much I can’t express it.

I was prepared he might not do any French songs in London but he did Boum Boum Boum with the intro and it was exactly how I love it, funny but still focused on the song. Good Guys was incredibly lovely and sweet. The song wasn’t originally one of my favorites but this more gentle version definitely is. OMS was breathtaking, I love it every time, it’s such a beautiful classic! Promiseland was fantastic – a proper highlight – and got the fab response it deserves. Finally heard the dance version of Hurts, so happy to hear it live. Happy Ending with a cappella ending made me a bit nervous but was absolutely stunning and Last Party was once again my biggest personal favorite.

Little Tristan was awesome especially in Love Today and even Curtis left his responsibilities for a moment to have fun during the guitar part. Max was moving  around the stage in his unique way as much as the space allowed and Joy is present even behind her instruments (she has really grown and found her place in the band hasn’t she) so the little drumming session in the beginning of Lollipop with the whole band gathered around the piano was like planned to introduce Lewis who looks always so modest.

The whole event was absolutely precious. I was aware I look stupid smiling through the whole gig but my friends around me looked equally happy so I didn’t let it bother. There was so much love in that little theater, I’m sure Mika could feel it in the air. I took some pics but none of them can properly describe the atmosphere so I just leave them out. Thanks everyone who made the night so special. Postponing the end of the tour sadness with a trip to Como later this week. xx


I was cleaning my years old laptop for my son and found these blurry, random photos taken at my very first Mika gig at Brixton Academy, London almost 7 years ago. The photos are not good quality and have value probably only to myself but I couldn’t resist uploading them as a concert memory.

I really can’t remember many details from this concert. The meaning and value for the memory comes partly from so many incredible and beautiful things happened after this first concert experience. However, I will never forget how amazed I was by the energy and by his voice at a live situation, how joyful everything was with flowers, candles, balloons and confetti and how happy I was finally see/hear the Love Today intro (my favorite part of the concert). I knew immediately I would be back.




Remember the Swatch net hunting a few weeks ago? We tried really hard to win the competition with our team and eventually got the second prize. Not bad at all and having so much fun with our team was definitely worth the effort. Turned out the winner team had to reschedule the trip they won so Swatch generously asked our team if we would like to come to the London Swatch event instead of the winners. We were thrilled and naturally wanted to go! Meeting each other and having a little meeting with Mika at the Swatch store (this time without the usual queueing) sounded luxurious enough and we didn’t have any other expectations.

However, Swatch had beautifully organized us a lovely detailed schedule for the event day and treated us like special very important customers and we had an absolutely amazing day with their club member/marketing team members from Switzerland and London! I really appreciated how everything was handled. Maybe a bit old-fashioned but I like it that companies pay attention to details and atmosphere and not only to the final product and this way our team didn’t get only a trip and watches but also something to remember for years to come. I saw they take a special care of their own long-time customers but as the whole trip was like a bonus to us (and Swatch didn’t have any official obligation to organize us anything extra) it felt a nice and respectful gesture they took such a good care of Mika fans as well.

We did a sight seeing tour after breakfast and Swatch had booked us not only a car and a driver but also a personal guide and a professional photographer to take a few photos for us as a memory (I haven’t seen the photos yet but hope to get them later as I didn’t take much photos myself for that reason). We went to see a market place and spent some time at Tate Modern watching the Paul Klee expedition. Everything was lovely and relaxed and our host Giusy had actually checked every restaurant and cafe we visited in advance to make sure they had suitable gluten-free options (and bought us pretty gluten-free cup cakes from Lola’s for a snack).

After the gallery visit and lunch we headed to the London Swatch store to be there surely on time for Mika’s signing session. The tiny store had everything ready for him. He came and started the session and we had a possibility to have our watches signed and have a couple of words and a group photo with him (as our Swatch team had promised) before he started the official signing for the people waiting outside the store.

Mika had generously decided to offer his fans a party after the signing (we got tickets with an address to a pub near the store) and we all looked forward to seeing our friends and maybe even Mika himself again as he had tweeted about his plans to pop in at the party. We had heard about the party in advance but I didn’t expect him to be there personally (well he saw everyone at the store just an hour before) so I thought that coming to the pub and saying hi to his fans was an incredibly sweet thing to do. He was probably in a hurry but also looked like he would love to have a beer so a bit shame people didn’t give him much space to have one. He did a little speech to his UK fans and said hi to a few nearest tables and left soon after that. I still didn’t have a feeling people were rude on purpose, they just didn’t seem to know how to behave in that situation and the people crowding around him were mostly people who saw him for the first time while most of the long time fans were sitting at tables and chatting. Also, as we were sitting in the middle table we were lucky to say quick good bye to him (probably won’t meet him for a long time).

Sometimes people don’t know what to do when meeting famous people. I have never met any huge celebrity but those somehow famous people I’ve met have always been like any of us. They just happen to be in publicity because of their work etc. They can be shy to meet new people (like any of us can be) and talking to them becomes easier when you meet them again (like it is with everyone). Mika is sweet and down-to-earth, someone you can imagine enjoying simple things in life (like playing with his dog) so he is easy to talk with. His natural politeness makes me always wish my English was better (so I could sound a bit more polite than I do) but I guess I nowadays worry about my language skills less than I used to.

I really enjoyed the party and meeting everyone (both familiar faces and some new people) and our whole team and everyone I talked to seemed to have a good time. I probably had a bit too much to drink (I think the saturation point goes at a glass of wine, after that my English goes only worse, lol!) but luckily our Swatch team came and offered us a late dinner in a very fancy restaurant and we had time to talk about the competition and meet some Swatch collectors (very much like Mika fans with their hobby). A huge thank you to my team mates Karin and Lara for the company during the trip, to the Swatch team for taking such good care of us and to Mika for being his lovely himself. A few pics from the pub below.

Manchester was lucky to see Mika in his best stage mood last night. He did a great performance with a lot of contact with the audience (very loud one indeed), with the band (the musicians were having fun and genuinely seemed to enjoy being on stage, very different compared to London) and with the awesome Polkadot Choir (who definitely added some extra color to the show). There was so much energy on stage I couldn’t believe it. At the same time the show was probably the most random and the weirdest I’ve seen. Some of the jokes (ideas coming from the audience) were almost awkward in the beginning but he went on and on, the audience responded and in the end everything was absolutely hilarious and a lot of fun. He sounded good despite of his voice problems. A few times I couldn’t hear his voice properly but it didn’t matter, the atmosphere was so good and energetic. Mika seemed to be more relaxed than in London from the beginning of the show but he told afterwards performing felt more difficult than day before and he probably had to work very hard to be in a suitable stage mood (but he definitely succeeded in it).

I’m too tired to write a long report in English but wanted to share some images as soon as possible to remember the details later. Underwater was my favorite part of show. I’ve really learned to love the live version and the whole atmosphere with soft blue lighting was absolutely beautiful (some pics below). Lola is one of my favorites at gigs and he performs it in the way I’ve always seen the song with every little detail, it’s almost scary. Stardust with the audience singing along was touching: was so good to see his face when he was watching the audience singing along the new songs. The new album is his best so far, I wish he had decided to perform more songs from it. Especially Stardust, Lola and Drunk work perfectly at gigs!

The interaction between Mika and the band and between the band members was totally different than in London and a huge part of the atmosphere. Two action men figures were thrown to stage from the audience and Mika wasn’t sure what to do with them, but started to joke and continued and continued and in the end the whole band was playing with the figures, I saw even Felix taking photos of Max wearing a figure in his braces (in the middle of the show!). Last night was a huge circus from the beginning to the end with a lot of improvised and totally random details and you know, he knows how to do it. He is good. And I always dream about seeing an acoustic Mika performance and Mika singing, playing piano and concentrating only on his voice but I can’t help it, I love his circus too, he knows how to make people smile and have a good time even when he is not in a perfect and happy mood himself.

(Max feeling confident enough to steal Mika’s hat and almost falling off the piano)

know that people who haven’t either seen the polkadot choir live or really experienced how good it can be can’t see the real purpose of it. It’s not supposed to be a cheap, fake “choir”. It’s a show element and it’s fans sharing their positive energy on stage, together with their favorite pop star. You should have seen it last night (guys, you rocked!).

I love this artist. He was so awesome last night, he created a hugely entertaining evening around his songs using weird, random ideas and the audience had so much fun. Very mixed feelings now though.  Off to London and Iceland: the last gig of the tour. How sad is that. I’m not sure he even wants to say good bye to his fans.

A quick update on my way from London to Manchester. Mika did a gig at Roundhouse last night and it was a very good show, I was very happy for him. He was struggling with his singing/voice and his mood (not surprising because he is having problems with his vocal chords after being ill for several weeks) but managed to do very well, imo. He wasn’t chatty or totally relaxed but didn’t look nervous either, was funny and teasing and the audience had a very good time. I was very happy to see Melachi after the show! She doesn’t look excited in the pic but she is very calm, well-behaved and used to people and didn’t seem to mind meeting the fans but rather took it as a duty (obviously trained for that). Great two days in London, especially pleased that I managed to see the BBC Christmas concert day before the Roundhouse show (a very lovely surprise)!

Lovebox: Festival area & audience

I traveled to London to see the Lovebox festival and the event was as colorful and fun as I expected. After seeing such well organized events last summer I found the practical side a bit messy though. The tickets didn’t arrive on time, everything was slow (they actually didn’t have scanners at the gates, for example, and the staff only started cleaning the area when people arrived) and no one seemed to know, well, anything. However, the line-up was very good and I enjoyed the music and really loved the atmosphere and the audience. So many gorgeous looking people! I wish I could have taken my system camera with me, could have easily spent hours just taking photos of people!

Lovebox: Fans

It was good to see so many familiar (and some new!) faces in London. Special thanks to the German/French/UK/Swedish/etc fans for making everything so much more fun. Your company was appreciated! I’m absolutely tired of all the unnecessary drama that inevitably comes when otherwise very different people share the common interest (this time an artist), but I realized that I had missed many people and that I really enjoyed my whole weekend in London and not only the short 30 minutes Mika show.

Lovebox:Other artists

I usually spend my time at festivals watching some other artists while waiting for Mika to to perform. This time Mika was on stage at 5 PM (quite early) and the other artists I found interesting were performing after his show (at many different stages) and I didn’t have any proper plan what to do. I missed Jodie Harsh after Mika’s performance and regret it now. I was also a bit curious to see Lana Del Ray, but decided to walk to the other side of the huge area to find VIP toilets (oh, you know festival toilets!) and something to eat and drink. I managed to see  the final part of Chaka Khan performance at the main stage and after that skipped Grace Jones on purpose because couldn’t risk missing my train to the airport. However, I actually enjoyed listening to the DJs before Mika’s part and felt like dancing even I don’t usually listen to music like that. Must have been the atmosphere!

Lovebox: Mika

Some more thoughts. First of all, this short but really strong performance made me remember why I go to see live shows instead of just listening to his albums. He is fantastic on stage, the amount of energy is huge and live music is always a little bit different and that way special. I also realized I partly do this because I enjoy the music and partly to take photos and have some material to write and document things, for me it’s simply half of the fun.

Secondly, I enjoyed seeing that Mika is quite consistent with the changes he is making. Loved the simple, casual look (outfits, background, the colors used) and thought it gives the similar clear, more mature feeling as the new web design. Also thought there really is some idea behind the new band and was pleased to notice he is doing/planning to do little changes to his old songs too. And, even he said he is nervous and tweeted about it afterwards (and we know singing new songs and performing in London after breaks usually make him nervous), he didn’t really look nervous at all. The band did, and can’t blame them, they need more shows to get used to everything.

And the most important, I was happy to see that the new songs work live very well and I’m looking forward to hearing them again soon (maybe with a better sound quality). I really like these two songs, especially Make You Happy. When I wake up in the morning, I can hear MYH  in my head and it’s impossible to make it go away without listening to Celebrate. All I wanna do is make you happy, all I wanna do is make you happy… And: I’m coming hooooome…. 

Just a few words. A short but very good Mika show at Lovebox tonight. He performed Relax, Lollipop, Love Today, Make You Happy, Celebrate and Grace Kelly. It was good to hear LT, I had missed it a lot. We heard very different but interesting Lollipop. I think it will be good but maybe needs a couple of more shows to work perfectly? Good to see he is doing some changes in his old songs!

About the new songs, Celebrate worked even better than I had thought, it’s an excellent live song, really. Make You Happy is my favorite of these two songs, but didn’t give as good live impression as I got from Celebrate (but I couldn’t hear Mika’s voice properly during MYH, so I’m waiting for the next festival in Tallinn to hear it again). Can’t say much about the band yet, would definitely like to hear them introduced. Black and white/grey casual clothes and big, white M-I-K-A letters on a black background, both worked well. He is back! He looks a bit older (like we all!) but rocks as always.

I don’t have any good quality videos (the sound was too loud for my camera) but uploaded Celebrate and Make You Happy to give a little taste. That’s all this time, but I will write a longer review later. The audience was colorful (loved it) and it was good to see so many lovely people (thank you everyone).

Congratulations MFC (Mika Fan Club) for 5 fantastic years! We had a huge birthday celebration on Saturday January 7th in London. I traveled London on Friday. To tell the truth I couldn’t believe I was actually traveling all the way to London just to meet my fellow Mika fans (and not to see a concert!) and I wasn’t sure it will be worth it, but it really was. Everything went as well as possible and we had a perfectly organized Saturday: competitions, birthday cake and singing in the afternoon and an auction, dinner and disco in the evening.

Everything started on Friday. I arrived to the hotel at 8 PM and saw a lot of familiar faces first thing in the lobby. We spent Friday evening together chatting and having a couple of drinks in a pub near the hotel. I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned and my pictures are mostly random (not one group pic in my camera, sorry!), but I chose a few to upload below.

On Saturday at 2 PM we all gathered to a big room/hall booked for the party. Everything was in order: prizes/auction items, birthday cake and amazing cupcakes, and we did some quiz, bingo and cake eating! I can’t eat basic cake, but lovely Meggy had bought me gluten-free madeleines and biscuits from France as a gift and it made my day. So kind of her!

Before our afternoon break a young singer Alex Bampton did some Mika covers and his performance was a lovely surprise, I really enjoyed his versions for Mika songs. He is very young so I was amazed to see he seems to have some kind of “own style” already. He has a pretty voice and he looked shy but really relaxed and not nervous at all. Thank you Alex, well done!

In the evening we had a dinner and everyone was already eagerly waiting for the auction (organized to raise money for charity). The prizes were unbelievable wonderful and the main item donated by Mika was a pair of Christian Louboutin luxury shoes personally chosen by Mika (extremely generous gesture from him and very special item, imo!). The prize for the shoes went as high as 1750 pounds and the total amount raised, almost 3000 pounds, goes directly to the London air ambulance unit which saved Mika’s sister Paloma’s life after her serious accident a bit over year ago. Well done people organizing the auction and everyone bidding for the items! I feel quite proud of MFC atm, I hope Mika is pleased too.

The rest of the evening was just partying, lol! Dancing and chatting and having fun. Thanks Meggy for the company, thanks Kath and Silver for organizing and thanks everyone for being so lovely. See you all soon again! xxx


I have seen some fantastic Mika shows in London. Still, I always have a weird feeling he is seeking for a sign of acceptance or approval from the London audience. It must be my imagination. He did really well in both two concerts last February/March at Hammersmith Apollo. The first show was full of technical problems, really, but it didn’t matter so much. He can always handle them very well.

I linked below We Are Golden from the first Hammersmith gig. I usually never listen to the album version of WAG. I’m too old, it’s been too long since my teenage years (and they were not traumatic enough to even remember that well). But I’ve noticed I absolutely love WAG live performances, the intro is beautiful and breath-taking, literally. When he sings it looking like he can’t breath (0:45) I always feel a sudden and urgent need for more air, too. Definitely one of the highlights of his last tour.The second vid is Blue Eyes from the second Hammersmith night (BE dance 1:0 ->, watch the vids from Youtube and click them bigger).



I really, really miss Mika concerts. I know it because I feel a physical pain in my stomach every time I hear his music or see concert pictures. The pics above are from Belfast and Dublin. Belfast was the first gig of the Ireland and UK Tour 2010. I always do my best to see something from the beginning of the tour because it’s the starting point and for that reason specially interesting to see. He usually does small changes during tours and it’s quite fascinating to compare the first gigs to later ones and even to the last one if possible.

Belfast is one of my best gig memories. Many people say it was like a rehearsal for the Dublin gig (Dublin was a great gig indeed) and I guess it was not exactly how he wanted it to be as he made several changes after the gig. I still really enjoyed especially the Belfast one (and the Dublin show a couple of days later went very smoothly so he must have been pleased). One of my favorite HE versions is from Dublin. See it below with Any Other World (suddenly my stomach hurts again).

Different television recordings are interesting for a fan to see. I haven’t seen many of them, to have tickets you usually have to be either local, have good connections or both. The Album Chart Show gave a lot of tickets to fans so I was able to see it a few days before the UK Tour (2/2010).

Unfortunately Mika had a bad flu. I felt sorry for him that he had to perform while not feeling well. He didn’t have his usual energy but did a good performance. It was very interesting to see how everything worked and I was especially pleased to see the venue (KOKO club in London), because it has a lot of meaning for him and I had heard so many people talking about it. Some vids can be found in Youtube, Relax is here.

In November 2009 Mika performed together with a capella group King’s Singers at Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel, London. King’s Singers is a highly valued and worldwide known group, and the performance was very different than any other shows I have seen. It was obvious that Mika was very nervous, more nervous than he usually is, but there was no reason. He was serious and concentrating on his singing (he didn’t even take much contact with the audience), and I must say his voice was more beautiful than ever. This concert was in general a very special opportunity to see/hear his songs in a different light than we usually do, I really enjoyed the whole event.

This was the second time I saw Mika performing at a church (after Passionskirche), and he seems to be very fond of the idea of bringing pop music into a church. I was especially happy that he performed one of his rare songs, By the Time (first vid below). See also Over My Shoulder and Grace Kelly, the rest of my Little Noise vids are here.

This free gig was at Bloomsbury Ballroom on the 22nd September, 2009. Tickets to the gig were given the same morning – for free with an ice cream – at the ice cream van you can see in the pics. I don’t have any good quality vids from the gig to show you. I was very close (so I didn’t want to keep my camera too high) and my videos are mostly about his shoes (but what a gorgeous pair of shoes!).

It was so much fun to be there. The stage was high and at some point Mika went on his knees to be lower. It happened really fast. He was in front of me and I saw there was a hole in his pants. It got bigger and bigger and I just had time to think “Mika, your pants!!! Your paaaaants!!!!” LOL!! First he tried to cover it. Then he realized that there is no way to hide a hole that large and he started to laugh, and he filled his pants with glitter and the gig went on. I love it that we never need to be nervous or worried for him during the gig. If something sudden happens he just laughs and goes on.

Oh dear, what a hilarious evening it was, lots of fans in the audience. I took some pictures earlier that day at the ice cream van, see them above. The gig was advertised in the Sun. There was also an article with a short interview. Watch the Jonathan Ross Show (which he talks about in the article) here (thanks Bab for uploading it).